Your “Why”

Finding the motivation to stick with the workouts and nutrition plans can be tough at times.  I am definitely not immune to this.  There are days when you get tired, you’re busy, or you just don’t feel like working out.  Or maybe some of the moves in particular workouts are very difficult for you and that gets frustrating.  That is really common among people who are doing Beachbody programs because they are hard and have you working out 5-6 days a week.  It’s not realistic to think that everyone is super excited to get up and workout every single day.  That’s OK, though!  Don’t feel bad if that’s how you feel some days.

When you do have those days, though, how do you find the motivation to push play?  I really think it comes down to your reason for doing the workout program and following the nutrition guide, or your “why”.  So what is your “why”.  Are you doing it just to look good?  Do you have young kids and want to be able to keep up with them?  Did you realize you had let your weight get out of control and want to get that control back?  Did your doctor give you some scary news if your health continues down the path you were on?

I can’t tell you what your “why” is, those are just some examples.  It has to be something you’re emotionally attached to that will give you motivation to keep going.  When you do figure out what your “why” is, write it down!  This is a very crucial step.  I think putting it down on paper is very meaningful and helps you connect to it.  Also, when you have those tough days, take out your “why” and remind yourself why you’re working out in the first place.  This is what helps me and many others push through those tough days and continue to push play and stay on track for our goals.

As much as I want to, I nor anyone else can really motivate you as well as you can.  I can’t give you your reason for getting in shape and getting healthy, but you know what your reason is.  I’m here for your support, but I can only do so much.  So DO THIS!!  Figure your “why” out and write it down.  You WILL have those tough days, it’s a guarantee, but this is what can get you through those tough days and help keep you on track!



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