Your Influence

Whether you realize it or not, you most likely have a big influence on the people around you.  Even if people don’t always explicitly say it, I feel that they do notice what you’re doing and it can have a big impact on them.  From what you say and do, whether it be about your health, your faith, or your politics I really feel that people take notice of you and are influenced.

I recently became aware of this at work. One of my co-workers was nice enough to bring in snacks for our whole group.  She had noticed that I never ate the candy that was always out, so she told me she brought in little bags of nuts because it was healthier and I could eat it.  To tell you the truth it really surprised me . I had never specifically talked to her about health and fitness, but just from watching what I do, she knew I wouldn’t eat any unhealthy snacks.  I thought that was pretty cool.

I think this applies even more in family settings.  Have you ever noticed that in many families people generally have similar health situations as each other.  If the parents are very overweight so are their kids.  If the parents are in shape, generally their kids are too.  I think this is incredibly important for parents or even older siblings to realize.  Especially since people who struggle with their weight often started that struggle as a kid.

Now since I’m not a parent yet I can’t speak from that experience, but I can from a child and younger brother’s experience.  It seems that from my childhood I was always active and pretty healthy.  Not that I haven’t struggled with my weight in the past, but I have always been pretty active at least.  And I know my parents and older brother had a big role in shaping my perspective on health and fitness.  Growing up our family would go on bike rides frequently, go on walks with our dog, play sports together, and I remember going jogging with parents too.  My dad would play catch, throw us batting practice, or play basketball with us whenever we wanted.  I also looked up to my older brother who was more athletic than I was and played the same sports he did.

I think that since both of my parents took their health seriously and encouraged us to be active, it just became second nature to me to do the same.  And I’m very thankful that they did instill this in me.  If they hadn’t been active themselves or encouraged me and my brother to be active, I probably would not be in as good of shape today.

So who is watching you?  Who is taking notice of how you act and is being influenced by that?  If you’re a parent, how are you setting an example for your children to follow?  They watch everything you do and will form habits early.  Do you want them to struggle with their weight and self-esteem or do you want them to be healthy and feel good about themselves from a young age?  If you are the odd one out in your family, being the only one who takes their health seriously, how can you make an impact on your family this holiday season?  They might give you a hard time, but don’t let that discourage you!  Help them out by showing that you don’t have to stuff your face with junk food to feel good and have a good time with your family!

Again, this applies to many other things than just your nutrition, so you can definitely think about other areas where you’re making an impact too.  But just know that people do take notice and you might be having a bigger influence than you think!


by the way...even the bakery store owner.....she bought skim milk only for me ....when i ask for coffee every morning she put skim for me .....that's really worth for me keep pushing me hard for P90X .......BRING IT


My she know im eat heathy so she always cook fish and vegie for me with brown rice.......and when my dad ask me eat at late night and she said Aaron dont eat at night hahaahhaah

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