Year Of The Beast

year of the beastI meant to post this earlier but got caught up with all the holiday fun over the weekend.  One thing that I am SUPER pumped about is a new group I just joined called Year Of The Beast, or YOTB as we refer to it.

So what is it?

It’s a group of dedicated guys and gals who are preparing for the Beachbody Classic (it’s a physique contest) at next year’s summit.  We know it takes a long time to get show-ready, so we’re starting early.  Plus, we have 2 Coaches who placed in the top 10 this past year, and 4 other Coaches who know how to get some serious results who are leading the way.  Not only do we have expert Coaches helping us, but the Beast himself, Sagi Kalev, is supporting the group and wants to see us knock this out of the park!  Talk about motivation!

We’re learning from the best of the best and we’re committing to the first 90 days being only Beast workouts and drinking Shakeology every day.  We’ll be tracking our nutrition and mostly using an IIFYM approach.  There are just over 300 of us in the group, and I can’t wait to see where this will take us.

So why am I sharing this?  First off, I want to help keep myself accountable.  Whenever I share things publicly, it gives me an extra push to follow through.  Second off, I know there are some beasts and beastettes out there who would like to join in the fun.  I’d love to have a smaller group that’s looking to do the same thing.  So if that’s you, leave a comment here or in our Facebook Group and lets beast up!


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  2. […] thing that has helped me a ton lately is my Year Of The Beast group that I’m a part of.  We have nearly 300 people, all incredibly focused and engaged. […]

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