WOWY Supergym Sweepstakes

If you’re doing any Beachbody workout program I’m sure you’ve got the opening line memorized telling you to log into the WOWY Supergym for your chance to win up to $1000.  When I first started Insanity, I remember thinking, what the heck is the WOWY Supergym?  I had not idea what Team Beachbody was or what they meant by logging your workouts, or talking to your Team Beachbody Coach about anything.  I didn’t have a coach at the time and wasn’t plugged into the community at all.  I was missing out on a ton of helpful info!

WOWY Supergym – Daily Sweepstakes

The only reason I really checked out the WOWY Supergym was because my workout DVD’s kept telling me that I could enter myself to win up to $1000 every day just by logging my workouts.  So I figured I might as well check it out, especially since it’s free to join.  If you’ve never heard of the WOWY Supergym or haven’t been logging your workouts, then it’s time so start!  Every day, someone wins between $300-$1000 just for logging their workout in WOWY.  I figured that I was already doing the workouts, so I might as well enter myself to win some cash while doing it.  If you’re a club member, all you have to do is log your workout.  If you’re not, you just have to enter a super quick and easy form after logging your workout, it’s that easy!  And actually, I decided to write this post, because I just recently logged my 365th workout, so I’ve now officially got a year’s worth of workouts under my belt!

wowy supergym

So if you already have an account on Team Beachbody’s website but haven’t been logging your workouts, then I would highly recommend you start!  There’s no reason not to, since you’re just giving yourself the chance to win some money.  And if you’re haven’t ever been on the Team Beachbody website, then you can create a free account here: Free Team Beachbody Account

More Than Just the WOWY Supergym

While the WOWY Supergym is great, it’s fun to see how many workouts you’ve done and connect with people there, you’re also getting a ton of other helpful info on the Team Beachbody website.  If you’re looking for support it’s really an awesome place to go.  I had no idea all the resources that I could have to help me be successful until I checked it out.  You take advantage of:

-Message boards where you can get questions answered very fast
-Support from the broader Team Beachbody community
-Tracking your goals as far as weight, body fat etc.
-Meal plans for club members
-Workout sheets
-Nutrition info
-More fitness tips

Basically, there are more resources than you’ll probably even use, but if you’re looking for something specific related to your workout program or Beachbody in general, it’s a great place to go.  So again, I would highly recommend you check it out not only for the WOWY Supergym daily sweepstakes, but for all the additional resources as well.

 Impact of the WOWY Supergym

For me, the impact of the WOWY Supergym was huge.  Through entering the sweepstakes, I ended up getting plugged into the Team Beachbody community, found my coach, and learned what I needed to do to have success in my fitness journey.  So while it’s fun to enter in a daily sweepstakes, the impact can be much greater on your health and fitness!  So again, if you’d like to join me and the rest of our team, then check out the WOWY Supergym and we’ll see you there!

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