Workout Programs That Will Build Lean Muscle

When people are looking for the right workout program, they often want to lose weight.  So instead of doing resistance training, they look for a cardio based program.  While cardio can help, building lean muscle is really the key to shaping your body and losing weight.  When you build lean muscle your body becomes more efficient and burns more calories throughout the day.  Lifting weights doesn’t necessarily make you bulky, and as long as you’re doing it right it’s just going to build long, lean muscle that will slim you down and help you reach your weight loss goal.  These three options, are awesome workout programs that will build lean muscle and help you get in awesome shape.

ChaLEAN Extreme  This is by far Rochelle’s favorite workout program.  If you haven’t seen her results, check out Rochelle’s ChaLEAN Extreme Review.  She has watched me do programs like Insanity and P90X, but feels like they’re just not her style.  And ChaLEAN Extreme has been a great fit.  I recommend this to many women because it is an awesome program for building long, lean muscle.  There are no pull-ups and there aren’t as many push-ups as something like P90X, so I feel like it’s less intimidating for women since I know pull-ups can be very tough for many women.  It combines strength training with cardio days as well, following a 5 day schedule.  Chalene created a 3 phase approach, and as you can tell from Rochelle’s results, it really works.  So if you’re turned off by all the pull-ups in P90X, then ChaLEAN Extreme would be a great workout program for you.

Les Mills Pump  This workout program is based off the very popular Body Pump classes that are offered in gyms worldwide.  I haven’t personally done a class, but from what I hear they are very fun.  This just allows you to bring that to your own home so you can do it on your own time.  The Les Mills Pump workout program utilizes the Rep Effect.  This basically means that it’s a fast-paced, high rep workout.  You use a barbell with weights for many of the moves, and the fast-pace of the workouts is great for burning tons of calories while you sculpt lean muscles with the resistance moves.  I haven’t tried this one yet, as it came out the same time as P90X2, but it does look very fun.

P90X By far Beachbody’s most popular workout program.  It’s an international fitness phenomenon and I’ve done several rounds myself.  There is no question that the program works.  It’s designed in 3 phases, to keep your body confused and making your body adapt every 30 days, which brings results fast.  It does have a lot of pull-ups and push-ups, which I love, so if you’re a pull-up and push-up junkie, this is a great program for you.  You can check out my P90X Review and My P90X Results if you want more evidence of how it works.

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