Workout Programs For Athletic Performance

Functional fitness seems to be very popular in the fitness world today.  More and more people don’t just want to lose weight, they want to perform better in their every day life or a sport they’re involved with.  What they’re really looking for are workout programs for athletic performance.  It seems like Warrior Dashes and Tough Mudder competitions are really gaining momentum and popularity.  People want to compete, and these are great opportunities to show off your overall fitness.  It’s not just about how much you can bench or how many push-ups you can do.  It’s more about how well you can do a variety of tasks or obstacles over a longer period of time.  With that being the trend, Beachbody has a couple awesome workout programs for athletic performance.

Asylum  If you’ve done Insanity, then Asylum is a great option to step your game up.  It is every bit as intense as Insanity, but Shaun T incorporates more sport-specific moves and resistance training to help you get better at whatever sport you’re in.  It’s a short program, only 30 days, but it is very intense.  You work your core a ton and can really improve your endurance if you get through the whole program.  I did these workouts about a year ago and loved the program.  Since it’s only 30 days, it’s great if you have a month between rounds of a longer program or it’s also good to mix in with other programs to make a hybrid schedule.  I wouldn’t jump right into Asylum, but if you’re in pretty good shape and are looking for a workout program for athletic performance, this is a great option.

P90X2  In my opinion, the best workout program for athletic performance is P90X2.  I recently finished up my first round, and you can check out my P90X2 Results and read my P90X2 Review.  This program is really all about being a better all-around athlete.  You really build your balance and strengthen your core in the Foundation phase, but you continue to work on your core through the rest of the program.  For example, instead of just doing bicep curls, you do bicep curls on one foot to force yourself to contract your core.  And that goes for several other moves as well.  Again, I wouldn’t recommend jumping right into P90X2.  I think you would be much better off doing P90X first, then taking on P90X2, because you do want to be in decent shape and have a good muscular base before starting P90X2.  I’m currently doing a P90X/P90X2 hybrid to get the best of traditional lifting exercises and the newer, total body moves from P90X2.  I have no doubt that I’m faster, more explosive, and have a much stronger core because of P90X2.  If a workout program for athletic performance is what you need, this is the best option in my opinion.



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