Working Out On The Road

One big obstacle that people can come up against is working out on the road and sticking to their nutrition while traveling.  It’s a lot easier when you’re at home on your normal schedule.  But when you’re out of your element does your fitness have to get thrown out the window?  Or is it possible to stay on track to reach your goals even when you’re traveling?

Distractions You Face On The Road

I know it can be difficult when you’re on the road.  There are definitely obstacles you’re going to face while you’re traveling.  But I think it’s good to recognize what they’re going to be so you can figure out how you’re going to deal with them.  If you’re not prepared then you’re basically setting yourself up to fail.  The last thing you want is for your vacation or time off to completely undo all the hard work you’ve put in up to that point.  So as I see it, here are some of the obstacles you face:

Don’t have your normal equipment

Don’t have your normal workout space

It’s harder to find time to workout as you’re very busy

You are either eating out or not preparing your food

I know there are more distractions, but those are the main ones.  You don’t have your equipment or space, time is crunched and you’re probably not preparing your food.

How To Get Your Workout In

working out on the roadSo I’ll deal with the first 3, or at least tell you how I handle it most of the time I’m on the road.  Obviously, it is nice to have all your equipment and your normal workout space.  That’s a given.  But when you’re on the road you simply don’t have that option.  Since that is the case, here are some things I always bring to make sure I can get my workout in:

My laptop.  I want to make sure I can play my workout wherever is convenient, so I bring my laptop to do that.

The workouts I’ll be doing.  This is obvious, you can’t do your workouts if you don’t have them 🙂

Resistance bands.  These are a great option if you travel a lot.  You’re not going to bring your weight set, but resistance bands are light and really easy to pack.  They give you a very effective workout, so there is no reason you can’t do your resistance training on the road.

Those are the main things I make sure to pack with me.  The resistance bands might be optional.  If you’re doing a workout like Insanity and don’t need equipment that makes it even easier!  But if you will be doing some resistance training the resistance bands are a must!

Now the other big factor is time.  How are you going to find time to get your workout in?  To me, this is like any other day.  You have to plan it in.  And most likely, the best time is going to be the morning before everyone else is up.  Once everyone is up you’re most likely going to want to spend that time with them, so make sure you’re getting up before them and get your workout in.  That way it is out of the way and done.  If you’re in a hotel, head down to the workout room if they have one or if you’re at a different house, find some room in the basement or an unused living room to get your workout in.

Sticking With Your Nutrition

working out on the roadThis is probably the hardest part of being on the road.  Sticking with your nutrition will not be easy.  You most likely have a lot less control over what you will be eating.  Whether it’s eating out at restaurants or having other people cook you’er going to face some obstacles most likely.  So in these situations, I think it’s best to:

Skip dessert.  There is no reason you need to eat dessert.  You can politely turn it down or not order it if you’re at a restaurant.

Watch your portions.  If you’re eating things your normally don’t, moderation is going to be your best route.  Have smaller portions and limit the damage.

Bring your Shakeology.  Shakeology will be a huge help in keeping you full and you will get one super healthy meal in the day at least.  I like to travel with mine as it helps keep me on track.

Offer to cook.  This is a great way to be able to control what you eat and hosts will appreciate it too in most cases.  You can cook up a healthy meal so that everyone eats well.

Look for the healthy options.  Whether you’re at a restaurant or at someone’s home, there will most likely be some healthy options.  Choose those healthy options and leave the unhealthy stuff for everyone else.  Fill up on the lean meats, vegetables, fruits, etc and let everyone else have their fill of the breads, sweets, etc.

I know nutrition is the hardest part, but if you follow these tips you can make sure you stay on track!

If you travel a lot I’m guessing you have this down to a science by now, but if you only travel a couple times a year that can be tough.  So hopefully these tips will help you when you’re working out on the road.  Enjoy your vacations, but don’t let them ruin your progress!

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