Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

why new year's resolutions failIt’s that time of year again when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions.  Things are going to change this upcoming year.  You are going to read more, stick to your budget and of course lose some weight and finally get in shape.  The first few weeks go well, maybe you stick it out for a whole month even, but then life gets busy.

That’s when the excuses start rolling in.  “I’m too busy today”, “I’ll make that up tomorrow”, “I don’t really need to do this everyday”.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Pretty soon the excitement and energy you had to fuel your drive towards this goal has diminished and you fall back into your old habits.  Unfortunately this is very common, but why do so many New Year’s resolutions fail?

Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution and not followed through, I’m guessing these top 2 reasons will resonate with you.  I know I can look back and see that these have been my downfall in some years.

1) Poor Goal Setting

I honestly think this is the biggest reason why people do not follow through on their New Year’s resolutions.  Take the exercise/weight loss New Year’s resolution that so many people make.  Often times it’s worded like, “I’m going to get in shape” or “I’m going to lose weight”.  Those are extremely vague statements.  There is nothing specific about it.  How much weight do you want to lose?  When do you want to lose it by?  What are you going to do to make that happen?

When you don’t know exactly what you want to accomplish, it’s impossible to know if you’ve been successful.  And if you can’t tell that you’re being successful by seeing progress towards a goal, you will ultimately lose motivation and give up.

2) Lack of Accountability

In my mind this is the second biggest reason why New Year’s resolutions fail.  There is no accountability.  If you skip a day or a few days at the gym no one even knows.  Most people think they can hold themselves accountable, which can work for some, but so many people will start making excuses and try to justify why they’re skipping their workouts or eating junk.

When there is no one to hold you accountable, it’s really easy to let yourself quit.  That’s the last thing people want when they set a New Year’s resolution, but if there is no accountability, then they’re setting themselves up for failure.

How To Follow Through on Your New Year’s Resolution

Of course I’m not going to leave you hanging without any tips on how to actually make your New Year’s resolution a success this year.  Even though these two things take down many people’s resolutions, I think there are relatively easy fixes to the problems.

-Set SMART Goals

I wrote an article on the topic which you can find here.  But basically, you want your goals to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.  You need to know exactly what you want to accomplish.  Do you have a goal weight or size of clothes you want to fit into?  Are you tracking by pounds lost or inches lost?  And when do you want to achieve that by?  More importantly, is it even a feasible goal for that time period?  Many people set unrealistic goals for themselves and get discouraged because they feel like they’re not making progress.

Now right down your goals and have them in a place where you see them every day to remind yourself what you’re working towards.

Another important step is righting down why you want to accomplish your goals.  What is the driving force behind wanting to lose those 20 lbs in 3 months?  Is it because your blood pressure is too high?  Do you want to get healthy to make sure you’re around for a long time to see your kids grow up?  I can’t tell you what your why should be, but knowing that and actually writing it down will go a long way in keeping you motivated.

-Join A Team

I can’t tell you how much being a part of a team has helped me in my weight loss journey.  When I first started out, I was just going it alone.  Two years ago I decided to start Insanity.   I didn’t know anyone else doing it and just did the workouts thinking I wanted to get in shape.  I didn’t skip any workouts the first month, but I also didn’t see any change.  It’s because my nutrition was not dialed in at all.  It wasn’t until I found my Coach that I realized how I was sabotaging myself by not eating right.

Through his help, I was able to set better goals and learned how to dial in my nutrition, incorporating Shakeology daily.  I ended up losing 17 lbs the second month.  Plugging in with his team was a huge motivating factor because it gave me accountability and seeing other people succeed made me want to accomplish my goals too.

So if you’re already a part of our team, that’s great!  Make sure to plug in with our group on Facebook.  If you’re not on our team, then join up!  I personally answer questions you have and our group is an awesome place to get motivated by other people who have been and are being successful by reaching their goals.  You can join us for free here:

Join Team New Body

So is 2013 going to be your year?  Don’t fall into the trap that so many other people.  You can set yourself up for success by following these tips.  I’m excited to see what you can accomplish this year!

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