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When you’re just getting started out or thinking about doing P90X, you’re probably wondering what you need for P90X from an equipment standpoint.  Do you need a bunch of fancy stuff or is there a more basic setup?  Weights, pull-up bars, etc can add up quickly, so I wanted to cover the basics of what you need for P90X and then show you what my home gym setup looks like.

What You Need For P90X – The Basics

Sure you can get a bunch of great equipment, but what if you don’t have the budget or space?  From a bare necessities standpoint, what do you need for P90X?  P90X is a well-rounded program with different types of workouts, so there is some added equipment you will want to have.  But the good news is that you can get good results with some very basic equipment.  As I see it, what you need for P90X are:

Resistance bands

-A door anchor to use with your resistance bands for pull-up style workouts

-Workout shoes

And that’s it!  You can get great results from using these things alone.  All the workouts in P90X show people using resistance bands.  Sometimes the form is slightly different so it helps to see that.  So if you’re looking for just the basics, this is what you need for P90X.

My Gym – What You Need For P90X

what you need for p90xIf you want to step things up a notch, there are a few other items you might consider adding to your home gym.  I’ve been at this for over 2 years now, so I’ve accumulated a few things in my home gym.  If you want to build some serious muscle, you can only go so far with resistance bands.  You can get great results with them, but at some point you might want to consider more equipment.  So if you’re like me and enjoy having some nice tools in your home gym, here’s what you need for P90X:

Weights: I use adjustable dumbbells.  Personally I prefer PowerBlocks, but you can read my comparison of PowerBlocks vs SelectTechs and decide for yourself.  Regular dumbbells are preferred, but they’re more expensive and take up more room.

A pull-up bar:  I have a pull-up bar mounted to a floor joist in my workout room, but before that I used one that hooked onto my door frame.  I love pull-ups so a pull-up bar is a necessity for me.  Here is a great pull-up bar.

A yoga mat:  A yoga mat is great for not only doing Yoga X, but also for doing Ab Ripper X.  Plus if you have a hard surface like hard wood floors, the mat really helps with push-ups too.

Push-up stands.  Push-up stands are a great way to help you get deeper on your push-ups and also really help your wrists.  I’ve had wrist surgery and regular push-ups can really make it sore, but the push-ups stands help a ton with that.  What I love about the power stands is that they have a circular base, so there is no risk of them rolling and you breaking your wrist.

If you want to kick things up a notch, this is what you need for P90X in my opinion.  These tools will help you get more out of the workouts and will allow you to build more muscle.  But I didn’t start out with all of that equipment, I added it over time.  So don’t worry if you don’t have it all right away.  Even with buying these things I’m saving money by not having a gym membership and these will last a long time so it’s a good investment.  So in my opinion this is what you need for P90X to see the best results.



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