Weekly Check-In

Happy Wednesday Team!

Isn’t it crazy that October is just about over?  Tomorrow is Halloween and we all know what that means: candy.  There has already been a ton of candy around the office, and I’m about ready for the temptation to go away.  But I know it’s just getting started 🙂  If you’re going to indulge, I would recommend knowing ahead of time how much candy you’re going to eat.  don’t just start eating randomly as that can lead to a lot of candy being consumed.

We have about 2 months left of 2013, which seems like it has absolutely flown by.  My question for you is – are you accomplishing what you thought you would?  Are you where you want to be?  Or have things not gone the way you thought?  I know life gets busy and sometimes you put taking care of yourself off for later.  If you’re a little short of your goals, I want to encourage you to get going again.  There are 62 days left of 2013.  There’s still plenty of time to see some real results.  That’s 1 day short of an entire round of Insanity.  So get after it if you’ve been slacking a bit!

My success tip for this week comes from Tony Horton himself.  I can’t remember the workout, but in one of them he says, “I stopped caring what people thought of me a long time ago.”  I think that’s important for a number of reasons.  First is that when you’re trying to improve your health, you might feel like the odd one out sometimes.  When you’re at a Halloween party and you’re not eating all the candy, you might get some questions or some friends might try to tempt you with the candy.  For some reason, other people don’t like it when you eat healthy.  I don’t get it, but that’s the case.  So you might get made fun of, but is their opinion of your nutrition really important?  No!  The second is that you really have to be in this for yourself, and not to make someone else happy.  If you’re ultimately trying to get healthy to impress someone else, that motivation will fade.  You have to set your own goals and answer to yourself at the end of the day, so the opinions of the “haters” really don’t matter.

I hope you’ll join me in finishing this year strong!  I’m excited to have momentum going into 2014 and not have to play a lot of catch-up.  If you’re a T25 fan and wondering if the Gamma Phase is worth it, check out my Gamma Phase Review.  Also, there are 2 more days to take advantage of the P90X & P90X2 discounts going on.

As always, I’m here to support you!  If you need some help getting things back in gear, let me know!

And 2 favors that I ask:

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-Coach Tom
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