Weekly Check-In

Happy Wednesday team!

Just wanted to say thanks for everyone for being patient with me over this past week as my work schedule has been super crazy.  I have even more respect for those of you who work overnights now.  I have never really had to work all night so that was a new experience for me, and wow did my body hate it.  I pretty much had a constant headache and just generally felt sick most of the time.  Thankfully that is over now and I’m back to working days.

Even with the flip flopped schedule, that didn’t stop me from getting my workouts in, and last week I finished up my P90X/Body Beast hybrid.  As promised I posted my results and updated progress pics so you can go check that out if you haven’t already.

So that means this week I’ve started my P90X2/Asylum hybrid.  I’m just in the first three days and I can already feel a huge difference.  As you can tell from current progress pics I’m pretty bulked up at the moment.  That’s all good, but now I’m looking to cut a little fat and work on my athletic performance.  So this will be a perfect schedule in my opinion.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

The other exciting thing I wanted to announce is my introduction of Shakeology Trial Packs.  As most of you know, I’ve given out free Shakeology samples for those of you who want to try it.  But often times trying something once won’t really give you the best idea of what the product is like.  So that’s why I’m now offering the 7-day trial packs.  They should give you a much better idea of what it’s like to drink it on a daily basis without having to commit to a 30 day supply right away.  So check out that post for details or shoot me an email if you have questions or want to order one.

Wanted to remind you of 2 more things:

1. Enter the Beachbody Challenge!  I just did this, so I wanted to remind all of you.  If you are committing to a program or if you have finished one and are proud of your results you should absolutely enter the Beachbody Challenge.  You can do so on teambeachbody.com and it’s what gives you a chance to win money for your results.  Someone wins at least $500 every day!  You can enter this every single month, so don’t forget to do that.

2. Join our Facebook Group if you haven’t.  If you’re struggling for some motivation you need to hop in there.  It is full of energy and encouragement.  This is a resource that you really shouldn’t pass up!  I love checking in with this group every day!

So there you have it.  It’s been a very busy, but good week.  I hope you are all staying committed to your program.  Even though we have snow here today, summer is right around the corner!  If you’re lacking motivation or just need a little boost shoot me an email, let me know how things are going!

And 2 favors that I ask:

1) If you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and video, PLEASE help me out by sharing them.  Click the share links below them and share them on FB, Stumbleupon, etc.  It really helps me get more exposure and grow Team New Body!
2) Also, as always, remember that the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site, www.teamnewbody.com, or by logging in to www.teambeachbody.com to do your shopping (If you buy from the plain beachbody site I get no credit). It helps with the amount of time I spend answering all your questions and helping you out. Thank you! I really appreciate it!
-Coach Tom
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