Weekly Check-In

Hi team!

Happy Wednesday to you all!  I’m happy to say that I’m finally back to near 100% health.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve been sick but wow did that hit me hard.  I ended up taking 5 days off and just resting.  I tried to get as much sleep as I could because I knew my body needed that.  Also focused on my nutrition, making sure that I was eating right even though I was not working out.  That helped a lot and I didn’t really lose any ground.

Have you gotten sick in the middle of a round of working out?  How did you handle it?  I know it’s something that can really throw a wrench in your plans.  As you get healthier it will happen less, but I think it’s inevitable that everyone will get sick at some point.  Here’s an article I wrote this past week on some tips for dealing with an illness if/when it does happen: Feeling Sick?

I also wrote a post about all the great Beachbody deals going on in March.  I get asked a lot about if Team Beachbody ever has sales.  Before this year it was very infrequent, but right now it seems to be pretty popular.  So go check those out, there really are some good deals right now!

Our Challenge Group is about 30 days in and many people are rocking it!  I’ll be starting another Challenge around April so if you think it would be something that would help you reach your goals let me know and we can talk more about it!

I hope you’re going strong and still with us all.  If you’re struggling with anything please let me know, I’m here to support you!

And 2 favors that I ask:

1) If you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and video, PLEASE help me out by sharing them.  Click the share links below them and share them on FB, Stumbleupon, etc.  It really helps me get more exposure and grow Team New Body!
2) Also, as always, remember that the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site, www.teamnewbody.com, or by logging in to www.teambeachbody.com to do your shopping (If you buy from the plain beachbody site I get no credit). It helps with the amount of time I spend answering all your questions and helping you out. Thank you! I really appreciate it!
-Coach Tom
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