Weekly Check In

Hey Team New Body!

I was travelling over the weekend and am getting caught up on messages/emails, so if you’re still waiting for a response from me, don’t worry!  I haven’t forgotten you, it’s just taking me a little longer than normal.  This week seems to be flying by, so I hope it’s off to a great start for all of you!

The main thing I wanted to highlight this week is that our Body Beast Challenge starts in just 12 days!  So if you want to join us for that, there are a couple things you’ll need to do.  First off, let me know that you want in!  That way I can make sure I have a spot for you and can keep track of everyone who will be joining us.  Second, if you don’t have the program, you’ll want to order it this week to make sure it gets to you in time.  Just want to make sure everyone is ready to go come August 6th!

This past week I’ve posted a few times, and my post on Diet Pop seems to be the most popular.  Many people think it’s ok just because there are no calories.  If that’s you, I would check out that post.  It really can be detrimental to your results, so if you’re serious about cleaning up your nutrition I would cut it out completely.

I also posted yesterday a video with my Pull Up Tips.  Pull ups can be one of the most frustrating moves out there, so I wanted to show you how I modify them to make them easier.

As always, I would love to hear from you and see how you’re doing.  Whether you have been making great progress or struggling to stick with it, I love to hear the updates!  So let me know how you’re doing this week!

And 2 favors that I ask:

1) If you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and video, PLEASE help me out by sharing them.  Click the share links below them and share them on FB, Stumbleupon, etc.  It really helps me get more exposure and grow Team New Body!

2) Also, as always, remember that the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site, www.teamnewbody.com, or by logging in to www.teambeachbody.com to do your shopping (If you buy from the plain beachbody site I get no credit). It helps with the amount of time I spend answering all your questions and helping you out. Thank you! I really appreciate it!
Tom Muellenberg
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