Vivek Overcomes Injury

Vivek is a fellow Coach and has a great story.  When he was younger he suffered a back injury that kept him from being very active.  He got out of shape and was frustrated.  After that healed to a degree he started to learn martial arts, which helped give him confidence and also helped him get in shape.  Then came grad school and a new job, and with it, unhealthy eating habits.  He put on weight but then would starve himself to lose it, so it had a real yo-yo affect.  Finally Vivek found P90X and an awesome Coach who helped him understand the nutrition so he could build healthy, long-term habits that would allow him to stay at a healthy weight.  Check out his video to learn more about his story and see how P90X along with other programs like Insanity have helped him stay in shape!


You can check out more of his story at his website:

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Vivek Chawla
Vivek Chawla

Hey Coach! Thanks for posting my story!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

No problem Vivek! I think your story is really inspirational, keep up the great work!


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