Vegan Update – Week 2

I get lots of questions from friends who know I’m testing out the plant-based diet, so I wanted to give everyone here an update as well.  Before I started, I was very interested to see how my energy levels would react, how my workouts would go, and if I would be able to actually enjoy what I was eating.  And so far I’ve actually been a little surprised with how well it’s going.

As far as my energy levels, I feel great.  I was a little afraid I would feel tired and maybe weak, but so far I’ve had awesome energy and probably feel even better than before.  And that has stayed true during my workouts as well.  That was probably the biggest area I was worried about.  I was worried that I would struggle getting through the workouts or maybe even “bonk” during some of the tougher ones.  But actually, the workouts have been going great!  I was worried about my strength decreasing as well, but I haven’t lost any strength or stamina.  My weights and reps have actually gone up on some of the moves, so that’s really encouraging.  Plus, as of this morning, I’ve lost 9 lbs. in 2 weeks, 7 coming off in the first week.  Now that was a big surprise, but I didn’t really know what to expect.  I thought I might lose a little weight, but 9 lbs. in two weeks is quite a bit.  And it’s not like I’m starving myself by any means.  It might just be my body getting down to a natural weight, but I’ll keep monitoring it and see where it goes.  I’m not overly concerned with what I weigh, I was just a little surprised that I dropped that much weight so fast.

A lot of people ask me what I eat, and if it’s any good.  And frankly, I think these last two weeks I’ve made some meals that are better than anything I’ve made before.  The baked ziti recipe I posted is my favorite so far.  Other than that, I’ve made some vegan burritos, vegan mac and cheese, and an awesome vegan chili.  The chili is definitely my second favorite.  And this just gets me excited to try more recipes.  So if you were wondering if eating vegan can taste good, then I have to tell you yes it can!  I find I’m not relying on the meat or the cheese for flavor in the dishes.  Instead I use more spices, which actually gives the food more flavor.  Some of the meals take a little longer to make, but we’ve been cooking in big portions so we have plenty of leftovers.  I’ll be posting more recipes, so keep watching for those.

It has been going very well, but there have been some tough things as well.  I think the hardest thing about switching to this diet is eating out or eating in one of your friend’s or family’s home.  A majority of restaurants don’t really cater to a plant-based diet which can be hard.  A great example of this was when we went out for a friends birthday, and I asked what the soup of the day was.  They told me it was carrot soup, and it was exactly what it sounded like: pureed carrots.  Gross.  Thankfully I had eaten before I went, because I’m sure that carrot soup was no good.  I could have had a side of rice and beans, but I decided I wasn’t that hungry.  But with the holidays coming up, I’m sure that will be tough.  I don’t expect people to cater to my diet, so I’m thinking about bringing my own food.  Could that be a little weird?  Yeah it probably will be, but I’ll deal with that as it comes.

I really don’t miss meat or dairy.  I kind of miss eggs, but it’s not like I crave them.  So overall I think it’s going really well so far.  I’m enjoying what I’m eating, I’m staying full, and my energy levels are up.  The workouts are still going really well too, so I really can’t complain.  So I’m two weeks down and really liking it!  I’ll make sure to keep you all posted as I continue to test this diet out.

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