Track Your Progress

One of my favorite Tony Horton quotes, “How do you know what to do, if you don’t know what you did?”  He says it in both P90X & P90X3.  He’s talking about tracking your progress.  At the time he’s encouraging you to write down the weight you used, or the number of reps you did for all the moves in your workout.  It makes sense, right?  The first time through a workout is always tough because you don’t know how much weight you can do on each move or how many reps you can do in a set.  That’s why you write it down!  So next time, you have a reference.  You know where to start out at, what weight would be appropriate or what weight might be a bit too heavy or too light.  The second time through a workout for me is always way better than the first.  I get more out of the workout when I have a reference point to work from.

Track Your Progress – Boost Your Motivation

People ask me to help them find motivation all the time.  It’s a common thing people struggle with.  You’re really excited to workout and eat healthy, then after 2 weeks pass and the initial excitement wears off, you find yourself skipping workouts, not following your nutrition plan, etc.  I think a main reason that happens is that you might not be connected to why you really want to get healthy or lose weight.  But another factor would be that you’re not tracking your progress.  If you didn’t miss a workout and stuck to your nutrition plan for 2 weeks, and then stepped on a scale or took measurements and saw pounds or inches lost, don’t you think that would motivate you to keep going?

I know this has been a huge motivator for me, especially when I was first getting started.  It actually worked both ways for me.  I started my fitness journey out with Insanity.  The first month, I did the workouts, but didn’t follow the nutrition guide.  Guess what happened?  I didn’t lose a single pound.  I was a little frustrated, but it made me more determined.  I ended up following the nutrition guide and tracking everything I ate.  If I hadn’t been tracking my progress, there would have been no reason to change what I was doing.  But I’m thankful that I did, because in the second month I lost 17 lbs.  That made a huge difference, and really excited me to keep going on my fitness journey!

Track Your Progress – Nutrition

It should come as no surprise to you that I’m advocating tracking your nutrition.  I write about it frequently, but can’t say it enough.  Not only is it important to track your workouts, what weights you used, how many reps you did, etc.  Or tracking your weight and measurements to see if you’re moving towards your goals or not.  But it is incredibly important to track your progress with your nutrition.  Tracking your nutrition is all about information gathering.  I have people tell me they can’t lose weight.  One of the first things I’ll ask them about is their nutrition.  Most people will tell me they “eat pretty healthy”.  Well what does that mean?

Without tracking your nutrition, there’s really no way to give advice on what to do.  Maybe you’re under eating, or maybe the snacks you eat throughout the day or the 2 or 3 times you go out to dinner a week are totally sabotaging you.  Without knowing that information, you can’t really know where to start making changes.  So if you want to be successful, I highly recommend tracking your nutrition.  Even if you don’t initially change what you eat, just seeing the stats on how you normally eat is a huge help.

3 Main Areas To Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it can be hugely beneficial to you in your journey to get healthy.  So if you’re not already, I would start tracking your workout progress, your nutrition and your progress on the scale/in the mirror/with your measurements.  If you do all of that you will start heading in the right direction and your motivation will stay high!

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