Tom’s Hammer & Chisel Results & Review

Round 1 of Hammer & Chisel officially ended as of a few weeks ago and I wanted to update you all on my Hammer & Chisel results and give my thoughts on the program.  This is the first program I’ve done that has two trainers and I had the pleasure of participating in a challenge group that really helped keep me motivated.

Hammer & Chisel Results

My Hammer & Chisel results are from strictly my first 8 weeks, which is a full round of the program.  I followed the workout calendar and nutrition plan as close as I could and really did my best to make sure I stuck to it when I wasn’t at home.  The only thing I changed about the workouts was moving my rest day from Wednesday to Sunday, because that just works better for me.  Plus, during the week, I like to keep my routine the same and that means working out in the morning before work.

With the nutrition plan, I used the portion control containers and really enjoyed it.  At first, the containers can seem a little intimidating.  It seems like figuring out your food for the day would take forever and you wouldn’t be eating much.  In reality, you soon figure out how much food fits in each container and that if you follow the plan you’re actually eating a ton of food!  By no means do you go hungry on the Hammer & Chisel nutrition plan!

So to the results.  In total I lost 18 lbs and 13 inches!  Clothes have been fitting much better than before and Rochelle has definitely noticed big changes 🙂  Check out the difference in my before/after pictures below

Hammer & Chisel Results Pictures

hammer and chisel results

hammer and chisel review IMG_20160228_191905 IMG_20160228_191949 IMG_20160228_192021

Hammer & Chisel Review

I’m on my second round now, so I definitely love the program but I did want to mention why I like it and some things I don’t love as much.

Hammer & Chisel Review – Pro’s

  • 2 Trainers – I love the variety that having both Sagi and Autumn as trainers brings.  It keeps things incredibly fresh, as you basically alternate between a workout led by Sagi and a workout led by Autumn.
  • Incredible Calorie Burn – These workouts are intense!  The workouts don’t focus on just one or two body parts, they work your whole body and really burn a ton of calories each time.  You can see exactly what that looked like in my article: How Many Calories Does Hammer & Chisel Burn
  • Workout Variety – I mentioned that having two trainers brings some great variety, but the moves they use are very unique too.  I didn’t expect to have so many new-to-me moves involved in this workout.  I was very pleasantly surprised and challenged!

Hammer & Chisel Review – Con’s

  • Equipment Needed – I feel like to get the best out of the workout you need a bench and enough room to step up onto it. I have 8 foot ceilings in my workout room, so I wasn’t able to do all the moves like they do in the workouts.  I enjoyed having a bench be a part of the program, but I feel like that’s something that most people starting out won’t have at home.
  • Workout Order – The first thing you’ll notice is that you really destroy your legs in these workouts, and often back-to-back workouts will really hit the legs hard.  One thing that I didn’t really love is that it didn’t seem like they put a ton of thought into the workout order.  You might be doing similar workouts 2 days in a row or workouts that really focus on your legs 2 days in a row.  I would have liked to see a little more thought go into the workout order because I think there’s enough variety to make a schedule that makes more sense.

So there you have it, my Hammer & Chisel Results and Review.  I love Hammer & Chisel, even if the name is a little cheesy.  I needed to torch some fat, and that’s exactly what this program does.  You’re not going to get huge, but you will make your muscles pop as you burn off the fat covering them.  If you’ve been on the fence about trying it, go ahead and take on Hammer & Chisel now!



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