tomorrow picI hear this all the time, and have been guilty of it myself.  But when do you think the most popular time to start a nutrition or exercise plan?  You might have guessed it – “tomorrow“!  Procrastination is really common, especially when it comes to getting healthy.  It seems easy to justify the pizza and beer when you’re going to start eating healthy tomorrow, right?

The Problem With Tomorrow

Like I mentioned, I’ve done this myself before.  Mainly it seems like a justification to eat something really bad or be lazy.  Tomorrow everything will be different.  Tomorrow I will stop eating dessert.  Tomorrow I’m going to nail my workout.  But there’s a problem with tomorrow.  It’s never tomorrow, it’s always today!  

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “I’m so glad it’s tomorrow?”  No!  That would just seem stupid.  Tomorrow is always a distant point where things are going to be different.  But in reality, if you want to make a change for your health, you can only control what you’re doing right now.  You have to make the change today.  When you consistently make good choices today, you’re tomorrows will look much better.  And pretty soon you won’t be saying that you’re going to make a healthy change tomorrow because you’re in the habit of doing it already.

Start Today

I honestly think this is one of the biggest reasons that weightloss is so hard for so many people.  Many people procrastinate and put off doing what they should today for “tomorrow” or another distant point in the future.  It’s not that people don’t know what to do.  All the information you could want is readily available on the internet.  Eat healthy, don’t overeat and exercise regularly.  The formula is relatively simple, but you have to do it today!

So what’s holding you back from making the changes you need to make?  Don’t wait.  Don’t put them off.  A lifetime of procrastinating with your health can catch up in a major way.  Start today!  Don’t say you’ll make a change tomorrow.   Don’t say you’ll make healthy choices next month or next year.  If you want real control over your health, commit to making the right choices today.  It’s all you can control!

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