Tips for Taking Photos

You’ve all seen the infomercials for P90X or Insanity and they always have a bunch of “before” and “after” pictures of people who have seen great  results with the program.  I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty motivating for me!  Seeing the types of results that people get just shows you what’s possible, but there is one key element to those pictures. They made sure to take day 1 pictures.  I can understand why some people don’t want to take day 1 pictures.  You’re not happy with how you look or feel (that’s why you’re doing the program, right?).  So it does make sense why you wouldn’t want to take pictures then.  But I want to encourage those of you who are about to start, or have recently started, to take your “before” photos!  There are a couple reasons for that:

1) Sometimes the scale doesn’t budge a whole lot right away, but often times you can see a lot of progress in the way you look from your day 1 to the current photo.

2) It provides motivation for you and can hold you accountable because you want to actually see real change and get in shape.   Just looking at my “before” photo can keep me on track with my nutrition and give me motivation to workout.  I don’t want to go back to that!

3) When you finish your round of P90X/Insanity or multiple rounds of the workout programs you’ll want to show everyone how much progress you’ve made, especially if you ever want to become a coach.  I think your personal transformation is the best advertisement you could have.  If you’ve seen amazing results with the workouts and supplements, then other people are going to be drawn to you because they want to see the same thing in themselves!  On the other hand, if you haven’t seen the results you want, then it’s motivation to keep pushing and keep working at it!

I’m not an expert photographer, but there are a few tips I can give you for taking your photos:

1) Of course keep it G-rated, but show as much skin as you’re comfortable with.  If you’re wearing a baggy shirt and pants in your before pictures it’s going to be hard to really see how much change has happened.  The point of the pictures is to see how much you’ve changed!  For me, I always take my pictures in just basketball shorts.  I feel that’s pretty typical for most guys and it allows us to see the change!

2) In your “before” picture, don’t smile!  You don’t want to make it look like you’re really happy with your health at the moment.

3) Lighting is very important.  Ideally you’ll have a light source directly above you.   That will cast some shadows and really make your muscles look defined.  I know this can be tough though because often you don’t have a lot of control over your light fixtures!

4) If you’re a super-hairy guy you might want to consider trimming/shaving.  If you have a lot of chest hair it’s going to be covering up the results you want to show off!

5) Take your after pictures right after a workout.  You will be pumped up and looking your best then, so show off those muscles!

So those are just a few tips for taking some great photos.  Personally, I think it’s just a great way to document your journey and can really play a big role in holding you accountable to sticking with the program and nutrition.

Also, I haven’t done a ton with this yet, but we do have a Team New Body Challenge where you can post your “before” pictures, your current progress photos, and tell us a little bit of your story and why you’re taking your health back!  If you’re looking for some motivation and accountability check out that link and send me your pictures and I’ll put them on the page!

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