Tips for a Healthy 4th

healthy memorial day tipsFor our American team members today is a day to celebrate the birth of our nation and our independence.  When we have celebrations in the summer, that typically means BBQ’s and lots of food.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  It’s super easy to eat 1000+ calories in a sitting and have a pretty monster cheat meal.  Not that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but there are some fairly easy things you can do to not totally throw your nutrition off.

6 Tips for a Healthy 4th

1. Stick with chicken or turkey burgers.  Chicken and turkey are leaner than beef or brats/hotdogs.  Grilled chicken is great and it’s lean.

2. Bring a healthy side.  Instead of loading up on potato salad (tons of mayo) and chips, bring some fruit or a veggie tray.  That way you have healthy options that are great sides but aren’t loaded with fat.  If you bring it then you can avoid the excuse of not having anything healthy to choose from 🙂

3. Limit the beer/pop.  Liquids can really pack on the calories quick and not really fill you up.  If you’re going to drink beer, stick with 1 or 2.  It’s all empty calories and water is a much better choice.

4. Stick with mustard, hot sauce, salsa.  Condiments like ketchup and bbq sauce are loaded with sugar.  Mustard, hot sauce and salsa are much better options.

5. Be active!  Instead of lounging all day, do something active with your friends/family.  Play some lawn games, go biking, go for a walk, etc.  Just because it’s a holiday that doesn’t mean you can’t get moving.

6. Drink your Shakeology right before going to the party.  That way you’re giving your body a ton of nutrition that will keep you full and will keep you from overeating while you’re at the part.

So there you have it, 6 tips to keep your 4th of July celebration healthy this year!  Enjoy yourself and stay safe!

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