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t25 gamma reviewShaun T’s newest program, Focus T25, has been an absolute blast to do.  It’s been even more fun to do it with a whole challenge group, getting more people involved an on track than if we just did it alone.  In the standard program there are two phases.  You can use these links to check out my T25 Alpha Review and my T25 Beta Review.  There’s also one additional phase at this point too, called the Gamma Phase.  It doesn’t come with the standard package, so I’ve had several questions asking if it’s worth it to order the Gamma Phase and incorporate those workouts.  So I wanted to answer that question with my T25 Gamma review.

Focus T25 Gamma Review – The Workouts

Obviously this T25 Gamma review is going to focus on the workouts.  I have to say, this phase is actually quite different than the Alpha or Beta phases.  The Alpha phase uses no weights, the Beta phase incorporates some weights, but the Gamma phase is really when you start doing some serious work with the weights.  It’s a different kind of weight training than you find in P90X or Body Beast though.  Weight lifting with Shaun T is fast-paced, as you move from move to move.  So you don’t get a lot of time to change weight, and you need to go relatively light because you’re going high reps with little rest.  The T25 Gamma phase has 4 workouts, I’ll break down each one.

The Pyramid:  You will definitely need weights for this one.  Like the name suggests, the moves all follow a pyramid structure.  If you’re not familiar with that, it means that you progressively do more reps of a move.  So if you’re doing bicep curls, you do one rep, then you do 2 reps, then 3 reps and so on.  It can really get intense.  Personally, I find the pike-ups pyramid to be the hardest.  By that point my shoulders are already screaming, and the pike-ups don’t help that.  Plus, Shaun T goes to like 11 reps which is just insane.  So this workout will really be taxing, so get ready to test your endurance.

Rip’t Up:  Another intense, weight lifting workout.   You’ll need dumbbells or resistance bands, a mat and a pull-up bar if you have one.  I really like that they give you the option of pull-ups in this workout because it gives you a chance to really work your back.  If you don’t have a pull-up bar or can’t do many pull-ups yet, there is another move going on simultaneously.  This workout will definitely get you ripped!

Speed 3.0:  Speed 3.0 is the only workout where you don’t need any weights.  It’s a progression on the Speed 1.0 and 2.0 workouts that you’ve already been doing if you’re at this point.  And Shaun T really kicks it up a notch with Speed 3.0.  It definitely helps to have a little rhythm as you’re moving to the music.  The second half of the workout has a burpee move every other move, so get ready to do a boat-load of burpees!  It gets super intense but you will burn a ton of calories by the end!

Extreme Circuit:  So Shaun T doesn’t really let you drop your weights in this workout.  Make sure you pick the right ones because you move quickly through the workout.  You’ll need to focus on your core to keep good form in this workout, which is a true circuit training style workout.  It’s just 25 minutes and you probably won’t have that heavy of weight, but you’ll be exhausted by the end.

Is The T25 Gamma Phase Worth It?

Inevitably it all comes back to the question of whether or not the T25 Gamma Phase is worth ordering.  And that’s where you’re going to have to make the decision.  Personally, I loved that phase.  I like working with weights, so this was right up my alley.  I understand it’s only 4 workouts, but I really think it rounds out the whole program.  If I just did Alpha and Beta, I might feel like a little something was missing.  When you throw in Gamma, you really make the program complete.  So for me, yes, the Gamma Phase was totally worth ordering.  But hopefully this T25 Gamma Review helped give you some insight into whether or not you should order it.  There are rumors of a Delta Phase as well, so you might want to prepare for that 🙂



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