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support at homeWhat do I do if my spouse/family/parents don’t like that I workout/eat healthy/etc.?  This is a topic that comes up A LOT, especially when people are just starting out on their fitness journey trying to get healthy.  Everyone has different situations.  Sometimes it’s a spouse that gets annoyed that all your meals are healthy now, or doesn’t want to let you spend any money for a fitness program.  Sometimes its parents who won’t change how they cook or discourage you from taking charge of your health.  Whatever the situation, people often struggle with having support at home.  So what do you do if that’s your situation and how do you stay motivated to get healthy?

Support At Home – My Situation

I’ll make a disclaimer to begin with, I think I have it very easy.  About 3 years ago I decided to really take my fitness seriously and my wife has not only been supportive, but she’s joined me.  That is the biggest blessing I could ask for.  Now it’s to the point where we do the workouts together and really have a blast doing it.  Plus, I do a majority of the cooking, and there were no complaints when I made our meals a bit healthier.   Thankfully Rochelle was totally on board with taking better control of our health.  So I definitely feel like I have it easy compared to many people.  While we were eating strictly plant-based, my parents would even cook plant-based meals when we came over for dinner.

But I know this is not the case for many of you.  And I’ve talked to enough people with this problem, that I feel I can lend some advice to help you with the issue.

How to Get Support At Home

Your goals may be different.  Maybe you just want people to support you and accept what you’re doing.  But maybe you want more.  You might want your family to join you, which I think it’s an awesome idea.  Obviously you want to improve your own health, but it’s just as important to get the people around you healthy.  You care about them, so it’s natural that you want them to join you.  Here are some steps that I think will help not only gain support, but also get people motivated to join you in your fitness journey.

1) Share your ‘why’.
Let your family or spouse know why you’re taking your health seriously.  Do you want to feel better about yourself?  Do you want to improve your health to ensure you’re around for your family for a long time?  Do you have a family history of something like diabetes that you don’t want to fall victim to?  Think about what’s really driving you to do this, and share it with the people closest to you.  Hopefully that will give them a good picture of why they should support you.  So take some time on this and really get to the core of why you want to be healthy.

2) Be serious about it.
You have to show those around you that you are serious about making your health a priority.  Stick to your guns when things get tough or people are trying to discourage you.  Don’t skip workouts, and eat healthy around them even when it might feel awkward.  If you only stick to your workouts for a week or two and then fall off the bandwagon, that’s not going to show them how important this is to you.  So make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and stick with it.  Also, make sure to plug in with our team so you get the support you need initially.  We will help you stick with it 🙂

3) Lead by example.
This is the best thing you can do.  Show your family or spouse that eating healthy and workout out actually works.  When you start seeing results and start improving your health, it will show.  It will be very obvious to those around you too.  They might not even say anything, but I guarantee they notice.  Sometimes others have to see the actual results before they will get on board.  So don’t give up, and show them what hard work and consistency can do!

4) Invite them to join you.
This can be right away or after you’ve already had some success, but invite them to join you!  They don’t necessarily have to workout with you at the same time, but you can encourage your family to get moving or do a workout that they might enjoy.  It’s super satisfying to be on the road to better health together.  If they don’t want to join you right away, after seeing your success they might inevitably come around.  So even if someone isn’t supportive initially, don’t give up on them!

So there you have it, hopefully that will help those of you who don’t have a ton of support at home.  I know that it can be frustrating to feel like you’re not on the same page as your family or your spouse, but your health is incredibly important.  I think it’s worth a little arguing initially if it leads to more years together in the future.


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