Super Bowl Snacks

When you think of a Super Bowl party what foods do you think of?  Personally, what comes to mind for Super Bowl snacks is pizza, chicken wings, cocktail wieners in bbq sauce, chips and dip, pop, etc.  At least that’s what most Super Bowl parties I have attended have looked like.  I was surprised to find this out, but did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in calories consumed for Americans???  That’s pretty crazy if you ask me!  I guess with all of the foods I listed plus lots of beer and sweets, it does really add up!

What doesn’t help is that you span 3-4 hours at least if you’re watching the game with others, so there is plenty of time to continue snacking and drinking pop or beer.  If you’re eating a few slices of pizza, chips and dip, some chicken wings and washing it all down with a pop or beer, that can easily top 2000 calories!  That can throw your success with your workouts right out the window.  So don’t get in the mindset that you if you workout earlier in the day you can just chow down during the game, because most of your workouts don’t burn nearly that many calories.

Good news is that you can find some tasty recipes that won’t throw your nutrition out the window.  Make a veggie tray, serve hummus with pita bread, make a bean dip without all the cheese and you can stick to your nutrition plan while enjoying the game and the food too.  The Forks Over Knives website actually put together a pretty good looking Super Bowl snack line-up.  All healthy, plant-based foods that won’t leave you feeling fat after the game.  Check out their recipes here:

So don’t let this Super Bowl Sunday throw you off your plan and ruin your progress.  Even if you’re super excited for this game, it’s not worth gorging yourself to the point that you’re uncomfortable.  There are healthy options, and if you’re somewhere that doesn’t have any, then at least don’t fill your entire plate!  Or better yet, bring your own healthy Super Bowl snacks to wherever you’re going and help others avoid the additional pounds they don’t need.

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