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Do you ever fall off the bandwagon with your workouts or nutrition?  It’s mid way through March right now and I know many people have lost their drive they had at the beginning of 2013.  You might have been totally pumped up and ready to go at the beginning of the year, looking to make big changes, but things have been busy and life has gotten in the way.  Maybe you’ve been sick and feel really run down and just haven’t wanted to do your workouts.  In any case, if you’ve been struggling with motivation, you can turn it around right now.

Why Do We Lose Motivation?

This is really a complex issue.  I get asked this pretty frequently, though.  “How do I stay motivated?”  Or people will join my team, looking for motivation.  But before talking about how to stay motivated or get back on track, I wanted to touch base on why we lose our motivation.

I think the number 1 reason people lose their motivation is that they lose focus on their goals.  When you stop thinking about what you want to accomplish, it’s way too easy to skip a workout here or there, cheat on your nutrition plan multiple times a week, etc.  There will inevitably be times that your determination is tested.  Maybe you have a super busy day or maybe there’s a pizza party at work.  When those situations come up, if you’re focused on your goals you’re much more likely to make a healthy choice.  If you’re not thinking about what you want to accomplish then you’re much more likely to give in.

I think the second biggest reason people lose motivation is that they don’t see the results they want quick enough.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  I didn’t lose a single pound during my first month of Insanity.  It gets really easy to think “this program doesn’t work”.  But is that really the case?  I would say 9 times out of 10 it really comes down to nutrition.  If you’re not tracking what you eat and following the nutrition guide, you’re most likely not going to see the results you want.  And then when people don’t see the results, they end up quitting.  That could have been me, but thankfully I decided my health was worth it.  So I dialed in my nutrition and went on to lose 34 lbs!

So those are the two big reasons that I notice that cause people to lose their drive and motivation.  They lose focus on their goals and also don’t see the results they expect fast enough.

How To Get Back On Track

If you’ve gotten off track, the good news is that you can get back on!  You absolutely can jump back in.  Here are a few things that will help.

Plug in with our team.  One of my favorite quotes from Tony in P90X is “you can hit the pause button and when you hit play we’ll be right here“.  I like to think our team is the same way.  Maybe you’ve hit a personal pause button.  The good news is that our team always has people who are crushing their workouts and talking in our group.  So if you need people to help give you a boost.  I am here and so is our team!  So if you’re a part of our team, I highly recommend plugging in with our Facebook group.  If you’re not a part of our team you should join us, which you can do here.

The next thing you need to do is recommit to your health.  Why do you want to get in shape?  Why is your health important to you?  Write that down!  I can’t stress this enough.  There’s something about writing your purpose down and writing your goals down that really cements them in your head.  Plan a short term goal or two and also a long term goal.  What do you want to accomplish?  You need to be focused on these 2 things.  If you are, you will find motivation is not so tough.

Finally, track your progress!  It’s really motivating to see progress in the right direction.  So you need to track your progress and see your hard work pay off.  I highly recommend taking progress pictures and also taking measurements.  These will often give you a much better picture than stepping on the scale.

So if you’ve lost your way, I want to encourage you to get back on track!  This is the perfect time to do it, too!  We’re just shy of 90 days away from officially being summer.  You have plenty of time to make some big progress.  Just think, if you stay super focused with your nutrition and workouts for the next 90 days, what can you accomplish in 3 months?



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