Staying Consistent

staying consistentWhen you’re just starting a workout program it can be really easy to be pumped up about it.  You don’t miss a workout, you stick with the nutrition plan and you start to see results.  But then eventually you lose that initial motivation and get a little off track.  You skip some workouts, your diet starts to slip and then you’re back at square one.  It’s the classic yo-yo weight loss that so many people hate.  A lot of people see the infomercials for P90X or Insanity and want results like the people they see on the screen?  Do those people just have good genetics and lucked out in that way?  I don’t think so.  I think their secret is staying consistent.

I was reading my favorite personal development book, The Slight Edge, this weekend when one sentence really stuck out to me.  If you want to create a mindset for success in pretty much anything, I really think you have to read this book.  It talks about why some people succeed in areas of their life while others don’t.  And the sentence that really struck me said, “It isn’t that the actions are wrong, it’s that people don’t keep doing them.”

And that’s so true isn’t it?  When it comes to weight loss, anybody can push play and eat right for one day, but people struggle with repeating that daily.  People get distracted, they get bored, they lose motivation or they come up with a million excuses why they couldn’t workout or couldn’t stick to their nutrition plan.  People struggle to stay consistent.

All the how-to information is out there.  It’s no secret how to lose weight or how to get healthy.  I know there is a lot of conflicting information about nutrition out there.  This week eggs are healthy and next week they’ll give you heart disease.  But bottom line is that if you’re looking to lose weight you just need to exercise and eat healthy, whole foods that don’t have a bunch of sugar and fat in them.  And you need to burn more calories than you eat.  It’s somewhat simple actually.  And eating healthy for one meal or one day is easy too.  But one individual meal isn’t going to make you skinny and on the flip side, one single meal isn’t going to make you fat.  It’s how you eat on a consistent basis that’s going to dictate your results.

How to Stay Consistent

So how do you stay consistent?  How do you avoid the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting?  How do you stay motivated?  These are questions I get every single day.  My question back to these is, how bad do you want to reach your goals?  Do you just kind of want to reach your goals?  Or are you laser focused and willing to do what it takes no matter what obstacles come up to reach those goals?

That’s ultimately going to decide if you stay consistent or not.  So that means two things:

1) You need to create goals for yourself and they have to be meaningful

2) You need to look at your goals daily and commit to them daily

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  I talk about this all the time.  Write down your goals, write down why you want to reach those goals.  The people who actually take my advice and do it are the ones that are successful.  I think lots of people just think it’s a good idea and they’ll think of a couple things they want to accomplish, but they never actually write it down.

But how much easier can it get?  Just write down your goals on a notecard and carry it with you!  It will be your little reminder of what you want to accomplish when you face a challenge.  Maybe it’s doughnuts at the office or drinks with friends or a day when you just don’t feel like pushing play.  Those goals are what’s going to drive you to stay consistent.

So that’s my challenge for you!  If you want to stay consistent, write your goals down and carry them with you.  You will find yourself sticking to your plan much more often, and when you stay consistent, you really see the results in the long run!


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