Starting P90X?

starting P90XHave you been trying to get healthy and lose some weight but it’s just not working?  I hate seeing people get frustrated when they start a program but don’t see the results they want, so I wanted to write up some tips to help you if you’re starting P90X.

If you’re starting Insanity, I’ve already written an entire article specifically for you, so read this first: Starting Insanity?  This post will be geared more to the people who are about to start or are thinking of starting P90X.

Four Tips For Starting P90X

First: You need to find a group to plug in with and a coach that’s going to support you.  Your chances of sticking with the program are much higher if you have other people who will push you and check in with you.  When you try to go it alone, it’s easy to slack off, skip a workout here or there, and then ultimately quit the program.  I’ve heard it countless times, people don’t have a team, and they end up giving up.  So don’t let that be you!  If you already have a coach you like, that’s great!  Plug in with them and their team.  If you don’t have a coach, or your coach isn’t a good fit, I would love to have you on my team.  Follow this link to: join my team.

Second: You need to figure out why you’re making the change or starting the program.  It has to be a reason that is very personal and meaningful.  This is what’s going to keep you going when you don’t necessarily feel like working out.  I have an entire article dedicated to this, so check out: Your Why.  You need to write that down and ideally share it with someone.  Also write down your goals.  Have something specific and measurable that you want to accomplish.  If you don’t know what type of results you want, you’ll never know if you were successful or not.  I can help you figure out realistic goals and hold you accountable to reaching them.  This article is helpful when figuring out how to write your goals: SMART Goals.  Once you’ve written down your “why” and your goals, make sure to take your “before” pictures, take measurements and do your fit test.  You are going to want to be able to look back and see how far you’ve come when you’re done with the program, so make sure to document where you start!

Third: Make sure you have all the equipment you need.  If you’re starting P90X there are a few items I would highly recommend.  There are resistance workouts, so adjustable dumbbells are the best option in my opinion, but I understand they are expensive.  Otherwise make sure you have individual dumbbells or resistance bands.  For all the pull-ups you’ll need either a pull-up bar or a door anchor that you can use with resistance bands.  Finally, I would recommend getting the power stands.  They make all the push-ups much easier on your wrists, but give you some extra range of motion and give you a better workout than doing the push-ups just on your hands.

Fourth: Your nutrition is actually the most important part of the equation.  Even if you plug in with our team and push yourself in the workouts, if your diet is poor you are not going to see good/any results.  You can’t out-train a bad diet.  So read the nutrition guide!  It has tons of good info.  Figure out how many calories you need and what phase you’re going to start on.  Once you’re going, you absolutely must track what you’re eating.  If you don’t track it, then there is no way to know what to change if things don’t go the way you expect.  The supplements you need really depend on your goals, but for anyone doing an intense program like this I do recommend a recovery drink and Shakeology.  I personally use the P90X Results & Recovery Formula because it works well for me.  And Shakeology is incredibly important, especially for those who are eating at a calorie deficit, because it gives your body all the nutrients it needs.  It has helped me lose and keep off 35 lbs, and I highly recommend it.

This is meant to help you if you’re starting P90X.  I hate seeing people who have started and get frustrated and quit because they don’t see the results they want.  If you plug in with our team, know why you’re doing this and what you want to accomplish, have all the right equipment, and stick to your nutrition plan you are going to see the results you want.  It has worked for me and thousands of other people.

Free Video Training For Starting P90X Or Any Other Program

I also wanted to highlight the video training series I recently created for people looking to get in shape, whether they’re starting P90X, Insanity or maybe don’t even know what program to start with.  So if that’s you, and you need some help getting started, then fill in your info on the form at the upper right hand side of this website and you will get the video training series for free.  I highly recommend you check it out, as I go over exactly what I did to get in the best shape of my life.



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