Skipping Workouts

skipping workoutsDoesn’t sound like a typical title for my posts does it?  Don’t worry, I’m not advocating skipping workouts!  Although I don’t recommend skipping workouts, it’s most likely going to happen.  I understand it, life gets busy.  Maybe you have to work an extra long shift, your car breaks down, your kid gets sick, you get sick, etc.  You get the idea.  Life happens and sometimes your workout doesn’t.  It’s not ideal but what should you do when it happens?  That’s what I want to cover.

How To Avoid Skipping Workouts

Ok, so first off, I want to cover what I do to avoid skipping workouts.  I’ll get to what you should do if it happens, but first I want to cover this.  It’s advice I give often.

1) Schedule your workout in your day.

This is a must.  You have to know when you’re going to do your workout.  If you don’t know when you’re going to workout, it’s much less likely to happen.  If you just want to get it in “sometime” you’re leaving it open to skip it.  You have to make your workout a priority.  Put it on your schedule, actually write it in.  Commit to holding your schedule and you’ll do your workout.  When something is a high enough priority, you’ll find the way to get it done.

2) Workout in the morning.  

Another piece of advice I often give.  Workout in the morning!  You might have to stay late at work, but it’s less likely that they’re going to call you in early.  You are much more in control of your morning than your time after work or school.  People will call you to get together or someone will need your help or something else will come up.  Don’t let those things get in your way!  Get up and get your workout in.  It’s an awesome way to start your day and once you get it done you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.

So those are just a couple tips for not skipping your workout.  That being said, it’s probably going to happen at some point.  It’s happened to me, it will most likely happen to you at some point.

Skipping Workouts – Change Your Rest Day

This is probably the easiest thing to do if you skip your workout one day.  Make that your rest day, and when your next  rest day comes up, just keep do your next workout.  That way you’re not throwing off your schedule.  You’ll still stay on track to finish on time and won’t miss any workouts either.

This can pose a problem if you schedule your rest day on a day you really don’t have an option to workout, so it’s not for everyone.  And you always want to keep in mind that any body part should have 48 hours rest between workouts that target it, so this might not work with the workout schedule.

Skipping Workouts – Double Up The Next Day

If you end up skipping a workout, should you just double up the next day?  You could double up and do two workouts in one day, but it really doesn’t give you the benefit that doing it on the regular schedule would.  If that was the case, you could just do 6 workouts in one day, once a week and be good.  But obviously that’s not going to really help you out.

If it’s cardio based, it’s ok to double up.  If it’s 2 lifting routines, I wouldn’t really recommend it.  If you do decide to double up, you will want to increase your calories for that day.  You have to take into account the extra calories you’re going to burn with the second workout and make sure you eat enough to give you energy to get through both workouts and perform well during them.  This isn’t the most ideal method, and unless one of the workouts is cardio based I don’t recommend it.

Skipping Workouts – Just Keep Going

Your other option is to just chalk it up as a missed workout and keep moving with your schedule.  There’s not a ton of harm in doing this.  Missing one workout isn’t going to totally throw of your results.  In a 90 day program, if you miss one workout, you’re most likely not going to notice that difference with your weight lost or fat shed.

In my opinion this is the least ideal method for dealing with skipping workouts and it’s a slippery slope.  If you skip one workout, it could lead to you skipping more.  That’s the last thing I want to happen!  But if you can get back on track without missing a beat, then it’s ok to have happen.

Skipping Workouts – Marathon Not a Sprint

This is a point I want to drive home with this topic.  Your health should be a long term focus, not a short term goal.  If you only plan on working out for 60 or 90 days and then stopping, you might as well not  do the program in the first place because you’re just going to gain all the weight back or lose the results you worked hard for.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  30, 60 and 90 day goals are great.  And what ideally happens is that you build healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  That’s how you get results that you can sustain and really improve your health.  I understand that skipping workouts will happen.  You don’t want to be unrealistic and think you’ll never skip a workout ever in your life.  If you have a long term view of your health, it shouldn’t bother you too much because all the days where you are on point with your nutrition and crush your workout will far outweigh the one day you miss.  So if you miss one workout, don’t stress about it!  Try one of these approaches and keep working towards you goals!


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