Short For Time? The Quick Workout Program

It’s the most common exercise excuse.  “I don’t have enough time to workout.  I need a quick workout program.”  Even though I think you can make time if it’s important to you, some people just aren’t going to put in 60 minutes a day.  The good thing about working out at home is that you spend virtually all your time working out and waste very little.  When you think about going to the gym, you have to pack up, drive there, park, check in, get changed, and then you get to start your workout.  You probably waste at least 30 minutes.  Not to mention you have to do that all again just to leave!  That’s why I love working out at home.  Anything seems like a quick workout program compared to that.  It doesn’t take me long to walk from my bedroom to my living room!

But even if you use the excuse of not having enough time to do P90X, don’t think that lets you off the hook!  You can still get a great workout in and it doesn’t have to take over an hour to do.  Tony realizes that, which is why he created an awesome, quick workout program for those of you who have trouble finding 60 minutes for a workout.

quick workout program10 minute trainer  Another one of Tony’s workout programs, and can work very well for the busy person.  It really takes that excuse and throws it out the window.  You have 10 minutes a day right?  Everyone should be able to fit this in.  The workouts are short and intense so it gets your heart rate up fast with moves that work your whole body.  So even though it’s short, don’t think that it’s easy!  The schedule does call for multiple workouts on every day so if you have more than 10 minutes and want to keep going that you can definitely do more than one per day.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first because it’s so short, but I’ve seen enough success stories to know that it’s the real deal.  So if you’re really short for time, but still want to make your health a priority, you should check out 10 Minute Trainer

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