Shakeology Trial Pack

shakeology trial packThis is something totally new for me, but I’m excited to see how it goes.  One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to Shakeology is that people can be a little wary of spending $130 when they’re not really sure they like something.  There is always the 30 day money back guarantee, but I still feel like some people hesitate.  Which is part of the reason that I’ve sent out free samples.  But since the free samples are on my dime, I can’t really afford to send people more than 1 packet.  That doesn’t always give you the best idea of what Shakeology will do for you either, it’s really meant just to let you see what it tastes like.  So that’s why I’ve decided to start offering a Shakeology Trial Pack.

What Is a Shakeology Trial Pack?

I can hear the question now.  What is a “Shakeology trial pack”?  A Shakeology trial pack is going to be a week’s supply Shakeology (7 packets).  The purpose is to let you try it yourself for a week.  This will give you a much better idea of how your body feels when you use it regularly and how you like drinking it every day.

I honestly wish I would have started doing this earlier.  I personally feel this is an awesome opportunity to try Shakeology out for a shorter period of time before you decide you want to order a whole month’s supply.  One individual sample won’t let you really feel the effects of what Shakeology does for your body.  With a week’s supply, you should start to feel the changes and get a better idea of what it will do for you.

Another logical question is, how much it will cost.  This isn’t going to be free.  I will charge $45 for a week’s supply of Shakeology (7 packets).  This will cover my cost for the Shakeology plus shipping for those in the U.S.  For people in Canada, please talk with me first as shipping is significantly more expensive.

How Do I Order a Shakeology Trial Pack?

I want ordering to be an easy process.  First, email me at, and tell me which flavor you would like to order.  I will make Original Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate available.  Greenberry just is not popular enough for me to keep on hand, so I’m sticking with those 3 options.

Step two will be to pay me directly via Paypal as that is the most secure way to go.  Once you email me which flavor you would like to try I will give you the directions on how to go about doing that.

I’m hoping that offering a Shakeology trial pack will really help you be more confident if you decide to order a whole month’s supply.  It’s the cornerstone of my nutrition plan and I’m confident you will enjoy it too!



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