Shakeology Sample Pack

shakeology sample packI get a lot of inquiries from people who want to try Shakeology before they decide to order it.  And that’s totally understandable.  I was the same way myself.  I had my Coach send me a sample and then decided to order it myself after making sure I liked it.  I knew it was incredibly healthy, I just wanted to make sure I could stomach the taste.  Thankfully, Shakeology tastes amazing and I look forward to it every day!  But obviously everyone’s tastes are different, so you might still want to try it out for yourself.  Beachbody recognized that, so they created the Shakeology Sample Pack (also called the Shakeology Taste Sampler).

What’s In the Shakeology Sample Pack?

So what’s in a “Shakeology sample pack”?  Well, it’s pretty basic.  You get 2 packets of the Original Chocolate, 1 packet of Vanilla and 1 packet of Greenberry.  What I really like is that you get to try multiple flavors.  Typically I just send  one flavor out for free since it does cost me around $7 to get it to you once packaging and shipping is factored in.  I don’t mind doing this for one sample, but multiple samples would cost me way too much to do it for free.  So this way, you get to try out 3 flavors, and you get two packets of my favorite.  So that’s a great deal!

As of now, there are no Shakeology sample pack options that include the vegan flavors.  So you won’t be able to try the Vegan Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry.  I’ve heard they’re working on them, but they aren’t being produced currently.  So right now the Shakeology sample pack will be the same for everyone and will include the Chocolate, Vanilla and Greenberry flavors.  You’ll also get a copy of the Shakeology Welcome Guide and a recipe insert so you can try some delicious ways to make it.

How Do I Order the Shakeology Sample Pack?

The Shakeology Sample Pack  is only available through Team Beachbody’s website or through my links.  There is a limit of one per person as well.  They are limiting it to one, because it’s not really meant for on-going use, it’s supposed to be for you to see how you like the taste before ordering a full 30-day supply.

The cost for the Shakeology Sample Pack is $19.95 + S&H.  I really think it’s a great deal, and if I didn’t already know what all these flavors tasted like I would jump on this!


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