Shakeology Price Change`

sshakeology price changeFor the last 4 years Shakeology has stayed constant as far as price goes.  The whey protein formulas, Original Chocolate and Greenberry, have been $119 for that long.  So inevitably there was going to be a Shakeology price change.  So I just want to make it clear as to what the change is.  The Original Chocolate and Greenberry flavors are going from $119 to $129 per month.  That is the Shakeology price change.

Shakeology Price Change – Why?

So the natural reaction is, why the Shakeology price change?  What’s causing the extra $10/month?  Well when you think about it, over time things get more expensive.  Today, gas is almost $4/gallon.  4 years ago, the price of gas was a lot closer to $2/gallon.  Beachbody ships the raw ingredients from around the world, so transportation costs play a huge role in the overall cost of Shakeology.  Since that is significantly more expensive these days, it’s natural that the cost will go up.

Another factor in the Shakoelogy price change is that Beachbody wants to maintain the quality of their product.  Shakeology stands out because the ingredient list is phenomenal.  Nothing out there really matches the amazing super-foods, nutrients, probiotics, etc that you get with Shakeology.  Beachbody did not want to compromise quality just to keep the price lower.  Also, these two flavors of Shakeology have been reformulated and match very closely to the Vegan Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry.  I really appreciate Beachbody for taking this step because I want to fuel my body with the healthiest possible ingredients, and this change continues to make that possible.

Finally, the third factor in the Shakeology price change is to maintain free shipping on HD (autoship) orders.  I would much rather pay for quality ingredients than for shipping!  So again, I think this was a great move by Beachbody.  They still reward you for being on HD and committing to drinking the healthiest shake out there very day.

What’s Not Changing – Shakeology  Price Change

shakeology price changeSo what’s not affected by this Shakeology price change?  That’s a great question and one I was asking too.  As you’ve noticed, I have not said the price of the vegan formulations is going up.  That’s because it’s not!  Only the Original Chocolate and Greenberry flavors are increasing.  The Vegan Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry are staying the same.  So really, the Shakeology price change will just make all formulations equal in price.  Everything will be $129.  Still an awesome deal in my opinion for everything you get in Shakeology.

Also, one very important note about the Shakeology price change, it is not going into effect until April 1st and you can lock in the current price until then.  So if you love the Original Chocolate or Greenberry, you can make sure you keep that price level and not be affected by the Shakeology price change.  How do you do that?  You can get grandfathered in and lock the current price by ordering on HD (autoship) before April 1st.  If you have an HD order placed before April 1st, you will keep your current price of $119 or $89 if you’re a Coach.  After April 1st, that will no longer be the case.  You also have to keep your order active, not pausing or canceling it.

So that means if you do not want  this Shakeology price range to affect you, then you can order on HD now and lock in the current price.


Shakeology Price Change FAQ

Here are some FAQ directly from Beachbody regarding the Shakeology price change:

I heard the price of Shakeology is going up. Is that true?
Yes. Effective April 1, 2013, the price of Chocolate (regular ONLY) and
Greenberry will increase by $10—from $119.95 to $129.95.
When does the price increase go into effect?
April 1, 2013.
How does this affect cost per serving?
Currently, the cost per serving (to a customer) is about $4.00. That will only
increase by 33 cents to $4.33—which is still in line with daily cost of a Starbucks®
latte, Naked® fruit drink, or other routine purchase. Only Shakeology is a WAY
better value.
How much will I save by locking in the original price on HD?
$22/month! ($10 per order + $12 on shipping and handling)
Will the increase affect bags, single-serve packets, and combo packs?
Yes. All of the above.
Which Shakeology flavors will be affected?
ONLY Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry. The price ($129.95) of our Vegan
flavors will not change.
Will the price increase affect Challenge Packs?
No. Challenge Pack prices will not change after April 1st, regardless of which
Shakeology flavor your customer chooses. However, after the initial Challenge
Pack purchase, the monthly price will be $129.95.
I’m already on HD for Chocolate or Greenberry. Will I be subject to the price
Good news! If you’re already on HD for either Chocolate or Greenberry (or
alternating), you will NOT be affected by price increase. You’ll continue to pay
$119.95/month for life—as long as you never cancel your HD subscription.
I bought Shakeology before, but I’m not currently on HD. Will I be able to lock in
the original price after April 1st?
No. Whether you (or your customers) purchased previously or not, if you’re not
on HD before April 1, 2013, you will be subject to the new price. In fact, after
April 1st, ALL new one-time purchases and HD subscriptions will cost $129.95.

So there you have it, all the details about the Shakeology price change.  Again, this does not have to affect you.  I plan on locking in my current order of Original Chocolate Shakeology and keeping that price of $89 forever.  When you really think about it, though, isn’t $4.33/day worth it for your health?  Instead of spending that money on junk food or coffee, I decide to invest it in my health.shakeology price change



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