Shakeology Discount – Don’t Pay Full Price!

shakeology discountIt’s a question I get asked pretty often.  Is there any Shakeology discount available from Beachbody?  Or is there any way to get it cheaper?  It’s and understandable question, because it’s not inexpensive, and a Shakeology discount would be really nice.  I’ve addressed the cost of Shakeology in my post, Is Shakeology Too Expensive?, so you can read more there.  But basically, it comes down to your budget.  And I want to make sure that people make responsible decisions not only for their physical health, but also for their financial health as well.  If you make a daily trip to a coffee shop, fast-food chain, etc. then I think you could easily fit Shakeology into your budget, just by shifting the dollars you’re already spending from unhealthy habits to the healthiest meal of the day.  For me, lunch at my cafeteria at work costs $6-10 easily, so by spending only $3/day on Shakeology, I actually save a ton of money.  So for me, it works out.  But back to the main point, I want to show you how to get a Shakeology discount so you don’t waste your hard earned money!

Shakeology Discount – Free Shipping with HD

This Shakeology discount is an absolute no-brainer.  Shipping for me costs just over $10.  But I don’t pay that $10 every month.  Why?  Because I get a Shakeology discount by ordering on HD, or Home Direct.  Ordering on Home Direct means that Beachbody is going to send you a new bag of Shakeology every month.  This has two big perks:

-This gives you the Shakeology discount of free shipping
-HD ensures that you never run out.  Each bag is a 30-day supply, so having it shipped every month on the same day makes sure that you don’t run out.

I know what you might be wondering.  What if I want to cancel or delay a shipment?  Do I still get the Shakeology discount or do I have to pay a fee to cancel?  Great question.  Canceling or delaying an order is as easy as an e-mail being sent to  You can cancel at any time, with no fee, and you still get the Shakeology discount of free shipping.  Plus, you still have the 30-day, bottom of the bag guarantee.  So you could still send it back for a full refund if you didn’t like it.  So there is absolutely no risk to ordering on Home Direct and it will save you a bunch of money on shipping!  This Shakeology discount is too good to pass up!

–> Click HERE to order Shakeology and order on HD to get your free shipping Shakology discount <–

Become a Coach and Get a 25% Shakeology Discount

You might have wondered why I was saying I only spend $3/day on Shakeology vs. the $6-10 I would be spending at the cafeteria at my office.  Well it’s because I get a huge, 25% Shakeology discount just for being a Team Beachbody Coach!  That’s a big deal!  I actually save more each month on just Shakeology alone ($30 savings) than it costs me to be a coach ($16).  This was actually the initial reason I signed up to be a coach, because I wanted the Shakeology discount.  Plus anything else you buy through Team Beachbody is 25% off too.  So for me I’ve saved a ton of money on things I would be buying anyways.  Many people will ask me, “What if I don’t want to actually coach anyone?”  That’s totally fine.  About 50% of coaches sign up for the Shakeology discount alone.  It just makes sense to save some money.  Plus, if later on down the road you decide you do want to help others get their health in order, it’s a great way to make some income as well.  This is by far the best Shakeology discount you’ll find out there, so if you want to take advantage of the 25% off, you can sign up here:

 –>Become a Team Beachbody Coach and get a 25% Shakeology Discount<–

 Challenge Packs Offer a Shakeology Discount

If you’re looking for more than just a Shakeology discount, but also are looking for a workout program, the new Team Beachbody Challenge Packs are a great choice.  When you buy a Challenge Pack, you bundle a workout program, Shakeology and a trial period of the club membership.  You typically save around $40, so that’s a pretty good deal!  If you want to sign up as a coach they also waive the coach fee for the first month if you are purchasing a Challenge Pack, so there is added savings!  While this isn’t only a Shakeology discount that is offered as part of the pack and you really save money overall.  Check out the different options here: Challenge Packs.

So again, there are 3 ways to get a Shakeology discount so there is no reason to pay full price!  If you have questions on any of these options feel free to leave a comment here!



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