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When should I start seeing the weight fall off?”  “I’ve been doing P90X for 2 weeks but haven’t seen any changes.”  “I’m done with month 1 of Insanity but haven’t lost any weight, what am I doing wrong?

Do any of those questions/statements sound familiar?  I hear these types of things all the time on the message boards at and from some people I coach as well (although not too often).  I’ve heard it from friends too.  They started P90X and after a week or a few weeks, they’ve actually gained weight!  This typically leads to people getting discouraged and quitting the program.  They originally started to lose weight and get in shape, but the opposite seems to be happening, so they figure the hour every day that they’re spending working out is a waste and they were better off before.  I really hate seeing these comments because that can be discouraging and because I know that P90X/Insanity/ChaLEAN Extreme all work!  So why do people experience this?  Well there can be a couple reasons, but one sticks out in my mind: nutrition.

When I hear these types of comments, my first question usually is:  Have you read the P90X nutrition guide and which plan are you following?  And I would say 9 out of 10 times they typically say, “I’m doing the workouts, but I’m not following the nutrition guide.”  They might be bringing it with the workouts, but they’re not putting any importance into changing their diet.  That is really unfortunate because that is the exact reason why they’re not seeing the results they want!  This is by far the most common (and biggest) mistake they could be making!  If you want to see great results with the workout programs, you must follow the nutrition guide.  If you start a program like P90X, you’re probably going to get more hungry since you’re burning calories and building muscle.  But if you’re not following a nutrition plan and tracking your calories, you’re going to end up over-eating.  And if you’re used to burgers/pizza/greasy foods, you’re going to eat more and negate the calories you burned in your workout.  You might even end up eating more calories than you burned in your workout and end up gaining weight!  If you want to lose weight, you need to run at a a calorie deficit, not a calorie surplus.

So if this describes you, then go read your nutrition guide and start following it!  Beachbody put a ton of work into the P90X nutrition guide so you wouldn’t have to go research it all yourself.  Please use the awesome tool they’ve given you!

This can go the other way as well.  I’ve also seen people get really excited about getting in shape end eat way too few calories as well.  If you eat at more than a 1000 calorie deficit, this can be detrimental to your weight loss as well.  If you’re eating too little, your body is going to want to store fat and hang on to all the calories you eat.  So this is another reason to follow the nutrition guide!  Your body needs fuel, so don’t deprive it of the nutrients it needs, especially while doing an intense workout program!

So in my mind, nutrition is the key.  I understand it’s harder to change your nutrition, since it requires a 24-hour-a-day commitment, but you need to change your eating habits to really benefit from the workouts.  You also might be wondering when you should start seeing results, and this can really vary from person to person.  Some people take a while to see much weight loss, while others shed pounds right away.  As long as you’re seeing progress, that’s all I’m really worried about.  Here are my progress pictures through my transformation:

Insanity Day 1 vs. Day 60











P90X Day 1, 30, 60, 90




I started my journey with Insanity and after 1 month, I probably lost some inches, but I hadn’t lost any weight.  That’s when I realized I needed to change what I was eating.  I hadn’t been following any nutrition guide, and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.  Then I decided to start following my nutrition guide, and incorporated Shakeology into my diet, and ended up losing 17 lbs. in my 2nd month of Insanity!  After that I decided to tackle P90X.  I continued to follow my nutrition guide and eat Shakeology every day, and lost another 10 lbs. through the program.  The bigger difference in P90X was that I started building more muscle and dropping my body fat percentage, which is why my abs started showing up in my last 30 days of the program.  I didn’t lose as much weight, but that’s just because I was adding muscle and burning fat!

One of my favorite quotes from Tony has always been “Rome was not built in a day, and neither was your body.”  So if you’re not seeing results as quick as you want, please don’t get discouraged and quit!  Like I said, everyone is different and will see results at a different pace.  But I am living proof that you need to change your nutrition if you want to see results, and when you do that combined with doing the workouts, you will see results!  If you’re struggling with your results don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I can help figure out what the issue is!

James Garr
James Garr

I've noticed that a lot of people don't see results in P90x until Phase 3. This seems to be because that's how long it takes people to get their nutrition dialed in. I know I saw better results in my first two weeks of my second round of P90x than during my first 90 days because I started following the nutrition guide. It's so important!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

You're right on James! To me, if you're not following the nutrition plan, you're wasting your time! Nutrition is the key to great results.

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