Scheduling Your Day

You’re busy, right?  You’ve got work, chores to do, you’re involved in your church or another organization and you need to find time to cook a good dinner.  Plus maybe you have kids and they have activities too.  So how are you supposed to find time for yourself?  How are you supposed to fit your workout in too?  Many people struggle with this and often ask me how I fit everything in.

Now I don’t have any kids yet, so I can’t relate to parents like that, but I still have a lot going on.  But what I’ve found is that if something is a priority, you will find time to get it done.  If it’s important to you nothing will get in your way.  And I think the key to this is scheduling your day.

Specifically when it comes to your workout you need to schedule an appointment with yourself to get it done.  Ideally it would be at the same time every day.  And hopefully it would be at a time when you are least likely to be interrupted.  That’s why personally I like to workout in the morning. There aren’t too many distractions at 5:30 in the morning!  That way I have complete control over getting my workout in.  Plus I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day which is really nice.

There are some workouts that wake up my neighbor, so I can’t always workout early in the morning.  But I know what days those are and I always plan it into my day to get my workout done first thing when I get home from work.  If you live in an apartment I’m sure you know what I mean.  But the key is that I prepare ahead of time and know when I’ll get it done. I don’t let anything get in the way.

If you just think, “I’ll get it done sometime today” and never really plan it out, you’ll most likely keep pushing it off and you might not even get it in.  It’s way too easy to let other things get in the way and distract you from doing your workout.  So don’t let that happen!  When I hear from people that don’t plan ahead, I often hear excuses.  When I hear from people that have a good routine and always schedule their workout in, I hear about their awesome success and results!  It’s no mystery, the people who make an appointment with themselves and don’t let themselves cancel it will always see the best results.  You have to commit to doing it every day and don’t even let yourself think that you might not get it in.  So if you have a habit of missing a workout here or there, start scheduling it in and stick to your commitment!

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