Sample Vegan Diet

I get tons of questions from people when I tell them or they find out that I follow a vegan diet.  A common question is around the specific foods I eat, and that’s what I want to address here.  I’m still working on another post that will be my review of my experience with the vegan diet.  But if you’re wondering what I eat from day to day, this will give you that info.  As a note, I can be a real creature of habit and my friends have at times made fun of the foods I eat because they think I like bland foods.  So my day to day foods are often the same or similar, but I do have to say that I have had some if tye most flavorful food I’ve ever tastes since switching to a vegan diet.  With that being said, this is what most days have looked like for me:

Breakfast: Almost always is oatmeal with 1 T of ground flax seed, 1 T of chia seeds, almond milk and frozen strawberries. Sometimes I like mixed frozen berries. I also change it up with steel cut oats instead of traditional oatmeal. On days I don’t eat oatmeal, which is rare, i’ll eat a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal with the ground flax, chia seeds and almond milk.

Snack: One piece of fruit, usually a banana or a clementine, and a peanut butter sandwich, with two pieces of whole wheat bread (preferably homemade) and 2 T of natural peanut butter.

Lunch: I will typically have a salad, often times it’s just spinach or romaine lettuce with buffalo dressing or fat free italian dressing.  I’ll also have a big bag of vegetables, either carrots, broccoli or cucumber or some combination of those three.  And I’ll also have a small handful of nuts, either almonds or pistachios, and a small handful of raisins or a small bunch of grapes.

Snack: My afternoon snack often has to hold me over for a little while, especially on the days that I workout right after work, so this is always Shakeology.  It keeps me full and fuels my workouts so I’m not starving if it’s 4 hours until my next meal.

Dinner: This is where we have tried some incredibly good recipes, some of which are posted here.  We’ve had baked ziti, vegan chili, eggplant marinara, vegan mac & cheese, vegan burritos, vegan enchiladas, vegetable soup with lentils, and a rice and beans combination just to name a few.  Main dishes often have brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or quinoa as a main ingredient.  We also like to eat a lot of beans (black, pinto, kidney, etc.) and peppers in our dishes.  We’ve also found many new spices that really make the food taste good.  Side dishes are often vegetables like corn, green beans or squash or sweet potatoes.

So that pretty much comprises most of what I eat every day.  It might not look super extravagant, but I was actually surprised at how functional and fairly easy it was to leave out the meat and dairy.  Previously I had relied so much on the meat and cheese for flavor that I hadn’t used hardly any spices.  But now that I’ve found several spices that I really like and makes the food actually more flavorful.  Keep watching for a full vegan diet review coming up with more of my thoughts and reactions as to how it went and what I plan to do in the future

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