Rochelle’s ChaLEAN Extreme Review

When I started thinking about doing ChaLEAN Extreme this winter, I was a gym member struggling to make time during the week to get to the gym for a good workout. I had been fairly consistent, mostly doing cardio, but NEVER weights. It’s easy for women to be intimidated of weights at the gym – I know I was – and I didn’t touch that section except if I was alone. Despite the cardio I was doing, I didn’t see any results that I could quantify. I had done alright in maintaining my weight, but didn’t have much lean muscle or strength, especially in my upper body.

All that changed when I started the 90-day program, ChaLEAN Extreme. The program is formatted into three 30-day phases, starting with Burn, then Push, and finally the Lean month. Chalene’s whole program is built on the concept (and fact!) that “Muscle Burns Fat”. The whole program can be done with  weights or resistance bands, and the each workout has people demonstrating how to use the resistance bands for exercises, as well as modified moves if you have an injury or are just starting out.

One of the most prevalent issues with women not doing weight training is that they don’t want to “get bulky”. Like Chalene says, women won’t get bulky with this program, it’s not in our physical make-up to bulk (unless that’s what you’re going for with heavy lifting and supplements). Women get toned and build lean muscle with ChaLEAN Extreme, so don’t worry about looking like a dude at the end of the program!

As much as the workouts are important, the diet is equally an important part in achieving success in the program. Just like Chalene says, doing the workouts, especially with lifting, will make you more hungry as your body craves fuel from healthy foods. I started eating a protein bar as my morning snack, eating Shakeology for lunch, and having an afternoon snack like yogurt everyday at work.

As someone who has worked out consistently for years, but hasn’t seen real results aside from maintaining, I was skeptical that I would actually be able to tell a difference when I finished the program. But, with five days of workouts (three days of lifting, two days of cardio-interval training and two rest days), I can definitely see the changes.  I ended up losing 10 lbs. and 7.5 inches!  That was a huge surprise, but really shows the program works.

Now that I’ve finished the 90 day program, I’m excited to get started on the Lean for Life phase. This works in different workouts from each of the three phases, Burn, Push and Lean. There’s tons of variety throughout the program, so I’m always working different muscle groups, building strength, and staying lean.

Now that you’ve heard my take, can you dig deep and get Extreme with ChaLene?


If you want more information on ChaLEAN Extreme or are up for the challenge and want to give it a try yourself check out this link:  ChaLEAN Extreme.



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