Recovery Week

I wanted to write about recovery weeks because I hear questions/comments about it quite a bit.  “Can I just skip recovery week?”  “I get so bored during recovery week.” “I feel like I’m not really working out during recovery week.”  And I would say I have had those same thoughts at times, but I did want to point out why your recovery week and just recovery in general is important.

First off, when you’re doing an intense workout program (P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, etc.) you’re actually breaking down your muscles during the workouts.  When you’re lifting those weights or doing those lunges, you’re not building your muscles, you’re creating slight tears in your muscle tissue.  I know this can seem odd, but you’re actually breaking things down as you workout.

The way you build muscle is when your muscles repair those tiny tears and grow back stronger.  This happens as your muscles recover from the intense workouts.  As you continue to break down your muscles, they will continue to grow back stronger and you will end up building muscle through this process.  But your muscles need time to recover and they also need the proper nutrition to recover quickly.  Immediately following your workout there is about a 1 hour time frame that you want to get a good post-workout meal in to aide recovery.  That’s why immediately following my workouts I drink my Results and Recovery formula.  It has the optimal 4:1 carbs to protein combination to help my muscles recovery quickly.

So recovery is incredibly important to seeing results!  If you don’t give your muscles a chance to recover, you will most likely be hampering your chances of building muscle and really seeing the results you want.  There is a general 48 hour rule, saying that you should really only work one muscle group every 48 hours to allow for optimal repair and recovery time.  If you work the same muscle group more frequently than every 48 hours, those muscles won’t have the chance to fully recover.

Your recovery week is similar.  Especially for those who haven’t done much exercising before they try P90X or Insanity.  You will notice right away that you’re incredibly sore, which is your muscles way of telling you they have been worked out hard and need to recover.  Sticking with your recovery week will allow your body to repair itself and will actually give you better results by allowing you to really bring it in the next round of workouts.

So if you’re getting bored with your recovery week or day,  just remember that your body needs it, and by sticking to your recovery plan you will actually be helping your performance in the long run!


I really second that cause everytime i recover it actually makes me feel alot better and I really feel the recovery part...Insanity get fit or get out..

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Yeah, I think you notice it even more with an intense program like Insanity! Recovery really is crucial to seeing good results.

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