Recovering From an Injury

When you’re active, and especially if you are participating in sports, injuries will most likely happen.  They’ve happened to me, that’s for sure.  They suck, but it’s just part of life sometimes.  What’s important is how you come back from an injury.  I actually think it can do a ton to build your character and make you appreciate what you’ve been given all the more.

One comeback story that I love is that of Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings (yes I’m a big Vikings fan!).  I actually found this video on Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler’s blog and was super pumped to see it.  The video shows AP’s recovery from blowing out his knee.  It shows how hard he worked and how successful he was, nearly setting the all-time NFL single season rushing record, coming up just 8 yards short, the year right after the injury occurred.

What Carl points out that I think is pretty cool is that in one spot in the video you see Adrian using an agility ladder like the one that you use in Asylum.  Now how cool is that?  In Asylum, you’re doing moves that the best RB in the NFL does in his training!  I personally think that’s awesome.  So I just wanted to post this for anyone currently dealing with an injury and might need a little boost to keep going and know that you can come back stronger than before the injury.

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