Pete Rocks P90X!

I am really excited to show off one of Team New Body’s best transformations.  Pete decided to start P90X and quit smoking at the same time!  Talk about turning your health around!  It has been incredibly fun to chat with him as he’s gone through the program and to see him make some amazing progress.  He stayed committed to the program even when faced with tough situations.  He even brought his own healthy snacks to places he knew would just have junk food.  That’s what it takes to get amazing results!  Pete’s dedication to the program and his health is truly inspiring!  Check out his before/after and his story in his own words:

p90x results

Hi everybody,

My name is Pete and I am from Québec in Canada, I am currently 25 year old and work as a lawyer. In fact my life is very busy and I used to have a lot of excuses for not working out frequently.

For several years I was working out off and on, few weeks here and there and I was not able to be consistent. Then in December 2012 I found P90X in a sport shop (it was really out of no where) and the guy told me it was a very good program, so I decide to buy it.

I waited until December 31st 2012 to start the program and I also decide quit smoking the same day, that is the way to start a new year. At that time I had a lot of questions, so when I post one about the nutrition guide, on Beachbody forums, Tom did answer me. This is how he became my coach. From that time, I was a member of Team New Body! By the way Tom is just the best coach you can have, always there for you if you have any question and he is a pure model of hard work and dedication!!

So how was my journey through P90X? Well I must admit this is not easy, especially the first few weeks, you work a lot, get sore, work again. But this is fun and there is no word to describe how you feel when you finish your workout. You never regret doing a workout!! (but if you skip one…)

My results were really good, I lost 13 lbs, my waist size went from 38 inch to 33 and I gained a lot of strength. During the first fit test I was only able to do a single chin up, today I can do 13-14 clean ones!

For me P90X and team New Body is not just a matter of results for 3 month, it is a new life style. I am still working out every day, I eat clean and have a lot of new friends! I am currently working out for a 10k race in May but as soon it is over, I will start P90X2 and T25.

This is my story, what will be yours?

Thank Tom and thanks Beachbody, you clearly changed my life!





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