P90X3 Video

So it’s official, P90X3 is coming out and the release date is December 10th!  It will be a 90 day program, with 3 training blocks and 20 workouts.  Each workout will be 30 minutes!  The goal will be to give you maximum results in a short time period.  Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this!  Check out the P90X3 sizzle video and get ready for December 10th!




  1. […] exciting announcements coming from Beachbody over the past couple weeks too!  The first was that P90X3 is coming!  Check out that post for more details, but get ready in December.  I would imagine this is going […]

  2. […] cash when they order.  The October Beachbody Deals are strategic I think.  In case you missed it, P90X3 is coming out in December.  What better way to prepare for that than doing P90X or P90X2??  So you may have guessed it, […]

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