P90X3 Phase 3 Review

p90x3 phase 3 reviewNow that we have less than two weeks left of P90X3 Phase 3 I figured I’d write up my thoughts on this phase, similar like I did for my P90X3 Phase 1 Review and P90X3 Phase 2 Review.  This last month has gone by really fast, but it’s been a ton of fun!  If you’ve been following us at all, you’ll know that this is the first program that Rochelle and I are doing together, so that’s been a new and very motivating experience!

Initial Reactions – P90X3 Phase 3 Review

P90X3 Phase 3 has a similar structure to the original P90X.  You don’t get all new workouts, you basically alternate between workouts that you did in Phase 1 and workouts that you did in Phase 2.  The one exception is that you do get one new workout, Decelerator, and Pilates X is incorporated on weeks 10 & 12 in place of X3 Yoga.  Even though you don’t get all new workouts, I still feel like you have a lot of variety in P90X3 Phase 3.  All of the workouts are challenging, so it’s nice to get another crack at them.  I’ve found that now I’m familiar with the moves in each workout, so I perform better during the workouts and get more out of them.

P90X3 Phase 3 Review – The Workouts

As I mentioned, you only get one new workout in Phase 3, so I’ll cover that.  I realized that in my Phase 1 and Phase 2 reviews, I never reviewed the transition week workouts, so I’ll do that here too.

Decelerator – Decelerator really surprised me actually.  I was expecting much more of a cardio workout originally, as I thought you’d be focusing on how you land on your feet doing different plyometric moves.  While there is some of that, there’s much more.  And it’s actually more of an upper body workout that’s really, really tough.  Some of the most challenging moves for me come in this workout, which I really enjoyed.  So this is one of my favorites in the whole program.  Picking a hardest move is tough, most people would probably say Crane Cracker Push-ups, which I agree with.  You do a push-up, then basically go into crane with only one leg touching your arm.  Because I’m not very flexible, I am very bad at that move.  But the other move I consider one of the hardest is elevator pull-ups.  For a whole minute, you alternate between the bottom, middle and top of a pull-up as Tony calls them out.  It’s brutal.  Any way you slice it, there are lots of very hard moves in this workout!

Accelerator – This workout comes during your transition weeks.  Since it’s during the transition week, I was expecting something not too tough.  Boy was I wrong.  Accelerator is a serious cardio workout.  Tony has you squatting, jumping, lunging, mountain-climbing, etc all at at very fast paced.  So don’t let the fact that it’s part of a ‘recovery week’ fool you.  You will burn a ton of calories, and it will definitely make my rotation of tough cardio workouts.  The hardest move in Accelerator is the Donkey Kicks.  Which conveniently come right at the very end of the workout.  Basically you have your hands on the ground somewhat close to your feet and do a donkey kick, but then you land on one foot and kick your other leg in the direction of the foot that’s on the ground.  Rotate back, and repeat.  Maybe it would be easier if it wasn’t right at the end, but it is.

Pilates X – This was my first venture into doing any sort of pilates.  Rochelle had done some in college, so she was familiar with the idea of how you are supposed to breathe in a very specific pattern to help work your core.  I’ll admit it was a little strange for me, and I still don’t know if I do it quite right.  But what I do like is that it’s a great workout for your core even if you don’t get the breathing perfect.  There are definitely some challenging moves if you’re not super flexible like me, but I still got a great workout in every time I did it.  It’s also nice that it’s kind of a substitute for yoga in the schedule.  They’re definitely different styles of workouts, but it’s nice to have some variety in the not-so-intense workouts of the program.  The hardest move for me in Pilates X is Bridge Lifts.  You’re on your back, with your feet on the ground and your knees bent.  Then you’re supposed to put one leg straight up in the air and lift your butt off the ground.  My flexibility here is terrible, so I can barely get my butt off the ground at all.  So for me it’s the hardest because I basically can’t do it!

Isometrix – Another workout that comes during transition week is Isometrix.  It’s all about isometric moves, meaning you’re holding positions/poses for 45 seconds.  Doesn’t sound too bad initially, but it actually is pretty tough.  It works on not only strength in the arm/leg that’s on the ground, but it works your flexibility and your core strength as well.  And 45 seconds will feel like a really long time for some of these moves!  The hardest move for me in this workout is Bound Dog.  In this move you’re in downward dog, but then take one hand and reach across your body to hold the opposite ankle.  It pushes my flexibility to the max and is incredibly hard to hold for the whole 45 seconds.

P90X3 Phase 3 Review – Nearly Finished!

With the end of P90X3 Phase 3, comes the end of our first 90 days of the program!  It’s fun to look back at all the workouts we’ve done and see how we’ve been challenged during the program.  This has been one of the most enjoyable programs that I’ve done.  It hits your entire body in new ways and really challenges you to be better all-around.  Plus it’s only 30 minutes which is really nice.  Once we do finish the program, I will post my results and overall review, but we’re actually not quite done.  We’ll be doing the Elite Block, so we’re taking this to day 120!  I’ve previewed the workouts and they’re brutal, so I’m excited to let you all know how that goes as well!


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