P90X3 Phase 2 Review

p90x3 phase 2 reviewWe’ve just finished up the 3rd week of P90X3 Phase 2 and I can’t believe this 90 days if flying by so fast!  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I wrote my P90X3 Phase 1 Review. We took a short trip to warmer weather over President’s Day, but only ended up missing one workout.  So I think we have some good experience with these workouts and can give some good insight into this phase.  So here is my P90X3 Phase 2 Review.

P90X3 Phase 2 Review – The Workouts

The only workout that’s a repeat in Phase 2 is X3 Yoga, so you get a whole new set of moves to learn and even styles of workouts.  These are probably some of the most unique workouts I’ve done.  There are some similarities with P90X2, but it’s very different from P90X and incorporates some new strategies which is fun.

Eccentric Upper – You’ll notice there are two workouts in Phase 2 that look similar, Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower.  They both utilize the same philosophy – focus on the eccentric part of a move.  The eccentric part is often called the negative part of a move.  For example, if you’re doing bicep curls, the eccentric portion of the move is when you are lowering the weights back down to your sides after having curled them up.  What Tony makes you do here is go slow down (3 count) and explode up on the concentric portion of the move.  This really makes you slow things down and focus on form. I think it’s a great way to get a really big pump from the workout.  It’s a different kind of training than I’m used to, so it does make me very sore which I like.  I think the hardest move from this workout is the V Pull-ups.  It’s a wide grip pull up where you bring your head to your right hand, go back down slow for a count of 3, and then bring your head to your left hand and go back down slow for a count of 3 and repeat.  It’s brutal, but will really work the lats.

Triometrics – I honestly had no idea what to expect for Triometrics.  To me, the name could have meant a lot of different things.  But this workout is a kind of plyometric workout, so you’re doing a lot of jumping, but each move has 3 variations.  You start with the easiest variation and progress to the other harder variations of the move.  It’s nice because it’s not all jumping, you do some squatting as well.  It definitely worked me pretty hard, and worked my legs from new angles that they were not used to.  I think the hardest move in this workout for me is called Duper 2.  It’s an odd name, but basically you’re doing squats on one leg, with the other leg extended out to the side.  It’s very challenging for me because I don’t have a ton of hip flexibility, so keeping that leg up is rough.  But this is one of those moves that works parts of my lower body that rarely do.

Eccentric Lower – Like Eccentric Upper, Eccentric Lower makes you focus on the negative portion of lower body moves.  I think a critical part of this workout is picking your weights.  If you go too light, you won’t feel a ton.  Your legs can typically handle more weight and don’t fatigue as fast, so I found I had to go heavier than I expected initially to really feel the workout.  I know a lot of people who don’t really care for this workout, but I think when you go heavy enough and really go slow down, it is a great leg workout.  The hardest move here for me at least is the weighted pistol.  Basically you’re doing a squat on one leg with your other leg extended and holding a weight on the quad of the extended leg.  Pistol squats are always tough for me, but this just kicks it up a notch.

Incinerator – This has a cool name and is my favorite workout from Phase 2.  Incinerator is an upper body workout that hits all the muscle groups in your upper body.  What Tony does here is make you do a move for 10 reps, and right after that move he has you do a different move that hits the same muscle group, but now you do max reps for 30 seconds.  So you’re hitting the same muscle group back to back and doing quite a few reps.  So it’s aptly named I think!  The hardest move by far in this workout is Monkey Pump.  Again, with the weird names.  This move will destroy your shoulders, so go really light.  What you do is start with your elbows parallel with the ground and your arms bent 90 degrees. From there you do a shoulder press, then bring the weights down to where your arm makes a vertical 90 degrees, then close your arms in front of you (like a pec fly kind of), then back to vertical, then lower them to horizontal and repeat.  It’s a ton of different angles and your shoulders will be screaming.  I struggle to make it through with 8 lbs.

MMX – This workout kind of reminded me of Kenpo X from P90X.  It’s a mixed martial arts workout, so you’re doing a ton of punches, elbow throws, kicks and sprawls.  It’s pretty fast paced, so by the end of 30 minutes you’ll work up quite a sweat.  I really enjoy these type of workouts because I like all the punching and kicking.  And maybe I’m weird, but I always picture that I’m punching and kicking Tony 🙂  It also forces you to make sure your intensity is up, because it would be an easy workout to slack off in and not try that hard.  If you had ankle or wrist weights, that would be a great way to make this workout harder.  The hardest move from MMX is the Jab/Cross/Sprawl/Scramble.  The reason I say that is that the scramble part is you rotating your body 180 degrees while in plank.  It comes at the end of the workout and really forces you to use your core.

Overall Impressions – P90X3 Phase 2 Review

If you can’t tell from my P90X3 phase 2 review, I really enjoy these workouts.  They’re mostly total body focused, so you’re not just hitting one or two body parts, which I like.  Tony is focusing on more total fitness and getting you ready for  every day life and every day experiences.  I think he does a great job of mixing up the moves and keeping things fresh.  I was honestly wondering if it would be all that different from his previous workouts, and can say that it really is.  I’m enjoying the new challenges and can see it changing my body which is good too!  Now on to Phase 3, so stay tuned for my final review and results from my first round!


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