P90X3 Phase 1 Review

p90x3 phase 1 review Rochelle and I are about 3/4 the way through Phase 1 of P90X3, so I wanted to write up a bit of a review on how the workouts are going so far.  In case you missed it, we are doing the workouts together!  It’s our first time actually doing an entire workout program together, so it’s been fun to do that with P90X3.  We can help push each other and make sure our form is spot on.  I posted more thoughts on that here: Top 5 Advantages to Having a Workout Partner.

Initial Reactions – P90X3 Phase 1 Review

I have to say, I was curious how I would like P90X3.  I’m a huge fan of the original P90X and enjoyed that athletic challenge of P90X2.  So it had a lot to live up to.  I do have to say, I’ve been very impressed so far.  Based on my heart rate monitor, I’m burning typically between 550-600+ calories in just 30 minutes which is awesome!  The workouts are short, and intense.  Tony wastes no time and the breaks you get are short.

So from a time standpoint, I think this is awesome.  Everyone’s busy, right?  This allows you to fit a short workout in that gives you an awesome burn.  One thing I was a little disappointed in was that X3 Ab Ripper was not included in the base pack, but after doing the workouts from Phase 1, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  You really work your core in almost all of these workouts, so I have no doubt the abs are getting a good workout in 🙂

 P90X3 Phase 1 Review – The Workouts

So far we haven’t done the transition week workouts, so those will have to go in a later review.  But here are my thoughts on the core workouts from Phase 1.

Total Synergistics – This is the first workout of the whole program, and I think it sets a pretty serious tone.  You’re doing push-ups, pull-ups and a bunch of moves that are going to challenge your endurance and strength.  I was actually a little surprised at how intense the workout was.  So I was pleasantly surprised at the level of difficulty.  Drea Weber is the one modifying moves in this workout, so if things like pull-ups are still a challenge for you, there are other options.  In this workout, the hardest move for me is Flip Flop Crunch, where you alternate being on your forearm in side-arm planks while extending your arm and leg that face the ceiling and bring your elbow and knee together for a crunch.  Anything that involves side-arm planks is challenging for me and this is extra hard!

Agility X – I don’t typically love cardio workouts, but Tony makes this one fun.  I do really enjoy working on footwork and agility drills, so Agility X is a workout I enjoy.  There is a lot of jumping, lunging, sprinting and footwork. The hardest move here is the Squat Jump Lunge.  In that move you do a squat, lunge to one side, come back to the middle for a squat, and then lunge to the other side and repeat.  Eventually your are jumping in between those moves and your legs are in for a real burn!

X3 Yoga – Yoga is tough for me.  My flexibility could certainly be better.  So while I prefer other types of workouts, I do like that this is incorporated into the routine.  Even for those of you who hate yoga, I think you should be able to handle 30 minutes 🙂  You go through more active yoga, with warrior poses and also do some static poses.  So it’s a good mix of moves and gets your blood flowing.  The hardest move by far in this routine is Ted’s Chair.  I’m not even flexible enough to try it, so it’s something to shoot for!

The Challenge – This is my favorite workout from Phase 1.  It is a chest & back workout.  It’s all push-ups and pull-ups.  You pick goal numbers at the start of the workout and try to stick with them the whole way through.  You do pull-ups, then push-ups, then back to the same pull-up move and then the same push-up move.  So picking reasonable numbers is critical!  Sean from the workouts picks 18/40, that’s 18 pull-ups and 40 push-ups, 8 times!  Needless to say I’m not even close.  I’m more in the range of 8/25.  The planned workout finishes a little early so you get a bonus round, fun! The hardest part of this workout is just picking the right numbers.  Each individual move is pretty standard, but to pick the right numbers and stick with them is a real challenge.

CVX – I’m not 100% sure on this, but I’ve heard that CVX stands for CardioVascular Extreme.  And if that’s true, I think it’s named correctly!  CVX is all about doing cardio while holding a weight in both hands.  You can use a dumbbell, but we prefer to hold medicine balls as it’s just more natural feeling.  This workout is a real burner.  There’s no real warm-up, you just jump right into the first sequence.  And since it’s the day after The Challenge, your shoulders are going to burn big time. I’ve never done cardio like this, so it’s all new for me, but wow is it fun!  And you will burn a ton of calories doing it, since holding the weight will get your heart rate up.  In my opinion, the hardest move in this workout is Crescent Chair, where you alternate between crescent pose and chair pose while holding your weight over your head.  Definitely a tough one to hold!

The Warrior – The Warrior is based on the workout that Tony does when he goes to US military bases around the world.  So you don’t need any extra equipment.  This workout alternates between an upper body move, a cardio move, an ab move and a leg move.  So you hit all parts of your body, and the pace of the workout is pretty quick.  The Warrior gave me the biggest burn out of any workouts from Phase 1, so I really enjoyed it and found it to be pretty challenging.  The hardest move (it was hard to pick from this one) is Super Burpee, where you jump down into plank, do one push-up, bring your right knee to your left elbow, another push-up, bring your left knee to your right elbow, one more push-up, jump up and do a tuck jump.  It’s towards the end of the workout, so I’m usually pretty tired by the time we get there!

Dynamix – This workout is on day 7 of every week, so it’s optional.  But I would highly recommend not skipping it.  It’s all about getting your body ready for action.  It’s stretching, but it’s active stretching, so you don’t hold a ton of poses, you move while doing them.  I really, really enjoy this workout and throw it in on other days if my body needs it.  It helps keep me loose and keeps me from getting too sore.  Since it’s stretching I won’t say what the hardest move is, but the funniest move is the Polka stretch, as Tony tries to make up his own polka song on the spot 🙂

P90X3 Phase 1 Review – So Far So Good!

As far as P90X3 goes, I’m loving it so far!  Tony is my favorite trainer, so it’s always fun to do his workouts, and I’ve really been impressed with what I can accomplish in just 30 minutes a day.  When you think about it, I’m burning around 600 calories in the time it takes most people just to travel to and from the gym!  Instead of packing my gym bag, hopping in my car, driving to the gym, checking in, changing and getting out to the gym floor only to wait on equipment that other people are using, I’m getting my whole workout done!  To me, that’s pretty cool.  Not to bash going to the gym, because you can do well there if you know what you’re doing, but most people are busy and this provides a great way to get fit and get it done fast.  Now time is not an excuse 🙂  Hopefully this P90X3 Phase 1 Review was helpful, keep checking back for more as I’ll write reviews as I reach the next 2 phases!


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