P90X3 Nutrition Plan

p90x3 nutrition planThe P90X3 Nutrition Plan has been an interesting topic of discussion lately in different groups I’m a part of.  Some people love it, other people are wary of it and would rather follow the original P90X Nutrition Guide.  They are certainly different and I know some people will really do well with the new structure and others won’t.  So I’ll give you some details on the P90X3 Nutrition Plan and let you decide what you want to do from there.

P90X3 Nutrition Plan – Intuitive Eating

The main idea behind the P90X3 Nutrition Plan  is something called intuitive eating.  This is a very different concept from what most people are used to, where you weigh/measure everything and track your calories and macros.  Intuitive eating says to listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry.  Now the caveat here is that you’re supposed to eat whole, nutritious food.  Intuitive eating doesn’t mean you’re supposed to cave in to the late night craving for ice cream.  You’re supposed to listen to your body’s cravings, but satisfy those cravings with healthy foods, ignoring cravings for things like chips, pizza, etc.

I think for some people, this makes a lot of sense.  Eat when you’re hungry, don’t overdo it and make sure what you’re eating provides your body with good fuel and nutrition.  Staying hydrated is also very important because often your body will perceive your thirst as hunger, leading you to eat more than you need.

For other people, this kind of eating can be dangerous and lead to over-eating.  But I think with enough practice, it’s something that you can get good at, which takes pressure off of tracking every single thing and will make it easier if you are not at home to have all your measuring tools with.

Figuring Out Your Level – P90X3 Nutrition Plan

With the P90X3 Nutrition Plan, there is no complicated formula to see how much you should be eating.  It’s just a simple 4 part questionnaire that leads you to the answer.  You add up points, and then your point total indicates how many calories you should be eating.  For me, I came out at 6 points, putting me at 2700 calories.  It does also briefly discuss what your macros will look like, although it does say to no stress about them.  Basically, if you follow the P90X3 Nutrition Plan, your macro breakdown will be 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fat.

After you figure out which calorie level to follow, it basically lays out a portion plan.  So at each meal you’re supposed to have a certain number of protein, carb and fat portions.  It also has a guide to help you understand how to measure foods with your hand.  Obviously that’s a rough estimate since people have different sized hands, but it helps give you an idea of where you’re at.

P90X3 Nutrition Plan – What I Plan To Do

So hopefully that gives you an idea of what the P90X3 Nutrition Plan lays out, now I want to let you know what I plan on doing.  Right now, I don’t think I’m quite the intuitive eater that I should be for best results, so I’m not going that route initially.  I’m planning on logging my food at myfitnesspal.com.  It’s easy, quick and will help me stick to my plan.  Over time if I feel like I’m pretty comfortable and seeing good results, I may decide to stop tracking.  But that’s a decision I’ll make down the road.

I’ll also be sticking to the recommended 2700 calories.  Many people were/are a little freaked out by the higher calorie counts in the P90X3 Nutrition Plan, but they chose those levels for a reason.  All the test group people followed those caloric levels, so I’m going to trust the system and start there.

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