P90X3 Details

p90x3 detailsWith the release being less than a week away, I’m getting quite a few questions about P90X3 details.  I couldn’t be more excited about the program, so I wanted to make sure you were all informed in case you had questions about the program.  The people from the test group have had some serious results, so I’m looking forward to rocking this program!

P90X3 Details – Why Tony Loves P90X3

First I think it would be smart to learn why Tony himself loves P90X3.  Why did he create it?  What’s different from P90X or P90X2?

Direct from Tony Horton – “You know what I keep hearing lately?  ‘Tony, your programs are awesome, they make me look incredible.  But an hour every day?  Come on…’

‘I get it.  You want the results, and you’re willing to do the work, but you’re freakin’ schedule is jam-packed. And you know what I have to say to that?  GOOD.  Because that’s what challenged me to roll up my sleeves and set out to create something truly revolutionary…”

So there you have it, Tony has heard what you’ve been saying.  An hour is a long time for some people.  So he created P90X3 for people who love his workouts but want more of a quick-hitter.

There is also some new research out there showing that the first 30 minutes of a workout are where most of the results come from.  So creating short, intense workouts takes advantage of that.

P90X3 FAQ – P90X3 Details

Obviously there are some common questions that many people are asking, so if you’ve been wondering about the P90X3 details make sure to check out these FAQ’s:

Q: When is P90X3 coming out?

A: December 10th, 2013


Q: Where can I order P90X3?

A: P90X3 will be available for order right here, at teamnewbody.com


Q: Do I need to complete P90X or P90X2 before attempting P90X3?

A: No!  P90X3 is not a graduate program.  Anyone can do P90X3, regardless of whether or not they’ve done P90X/X2.


Q: How long are the P90X3 workouts?

A: P90X3 workouts are only 30 minutes long!  The exception is Ab Ripper X3 which is 15 minutes.  Everyone can fit that into their schedule 🙂


Q: How many workouts are in P90X3?

A: There are 16 workouts and 4 bonus workouts.  The bonus workouts are available in the Deluxe and Ultimate kits or are sold separately.  All are available when you purchase through a Team Beachbody Coach.  You can go here to make me your Team Beachbody Coach.


Q: Do I need special equipment for P90X3?

A: You will need dumbbells or resistance bands and a pull-up bar or door attachment for your resistance bands to make a pull-up motion.  No other equipment is necessary.


Q: Are there any discounts on P90X3?

A: Yes!  The P90X3 Challenge Pack will be on sale for $180 (regularly $205).  The base program will be $119.85

The Challenge Pack will include: 16 workouts, 30 day supply of Shakeology, 30 day free Team Beachbody Club membership, FREE SHIPPING and a free P90X3 hat.


Q: Are there different schedules for P90X3?

A: Yep, there are 4 schedules to choose from with P90X3.  Classic, Lean, Mass & Doubles!


Q: Will P90X3 sell out?

A: Honestly I don’t know.  When Focus T25 came out, I know orders got delayed due to the demand.  My advice would be to order soon after it gets released.  I know I will be ordering right away 🙂


Q: What’s the best deal on P90X3?

A: Honestly, the best deal is the Challenge Pack.  For the month of December it’s only $180.  When you think about it, you’re basically getting a month’s supply of Shakeology, plus the program for $50.  That’s not including the free stuff like the hat you get too.  So that is by far the best deal out there for P90X3.

P90X3 Details – Next Steps

So while you’re anxiously awaiting the release there are a couple things you can do.

1) Go here to make me your free coach.

2) Email me at newbodycoachtom@gmail.com to let me know you want a notification when P90X3 goes live and that you want to take part in our P90X3 Challenge Group.


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