P90X3 Challenge!

P90X3 CHALLENGESince this past week’s theme has been P90X3, I’ll keep it going here with some details on our P90X3 Challenge.  In case you missed it (which I’m sure you didn’t) P90X3 just got released this week.  If you haven’t read it already, go check out my post about the P90X3 Details and then the post with info on how you can order P90X3.  With new programs especially, I love to run Challenge Groups.  It’s the best way for people to get involved and stay plugged in.  Typically, people who have seen the best results are the ones who are in Challenge Groups, and I’m expecting my P90X3 Challenge to be no different.

P90X3 Challenge Details

So what all does the P90X3 Challenge involve?  Well it’s actually pretty basic.  The first thing is, that the P90X3 Challenge will start on Monday, January 6th.  What I ask for the challengers is to:

1) Be doing P90X3 (duh)

2) Be active daily in our private, P90X3 Challenge Facebook group (to be created)

3) Stick to their nutrition plan and replace one meal a day with Shakeology

That’s it, there are only 3 commitments I ask people to make to be a part of my P90X3 Challenge.  Why do I ask for those specifically?  Because I know that if you do those 3 things, you will be successful.  I’m here to help you reach your goals and I know what works.  So if I held you to anything less, it would be doing you a disservice.

How To Be In the P90X3 Challenge

Now that you know the details, you might be wondering how to get in the P90X3 Challenge.  That’s pretty easy too.

1) Make me your Coach for free.  If you’re not already on my team, you can do that here.

2) Order your copy of P90X3.  You can check out the different package options here, but I highly recommend the P90X3 Challenge Pack.  It’s normally $205, but is on sale through December for only $180.

So you can think about it two ways.  It’s either like you’re getting Shakeology, plus P90X3 for only $50, or you’re getting P90X3 and throwing in Shakeology for only $60.  Any way you break it down, it’s an insane deal.

3) Comment here, send me a message on Facebook or shoot me an email at newbodycoachtom@gmail.com and let me know you want in!

Again, it’s pretty simple and I am excited to tackle P90X3 with those of you who are up for the challenge!

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