P90X2 – Week 1

When I tell people I’m doing P90X2, the most common question I get is, how is it different from P90X?  I can’t fully explain that yet, because I’m only 1 week into it, but I’ve done all of the Phase 1 workouts so I can give you my review of the Foundation phase at least.

Phase 1 – Foundation, consists of:

X2 Core
X2 Recovery & Mobility
X2 Total Body & ARX2
X2 Yoga
X2 Balance + Power

In my opinion, these workouts are very different from the original P90X workouts.  As you can tell from some of the names, there is a huge focus on your balance, stability, and core strength.  Tony accomplishes this by having you create instability while performing many of the moves.  You might be on one leg doing a squat, in warrior 3 pose doing curls, or using a stability ball or medicine ball in various ways in several moves.  One of the harder moves in my opinion is the one-legged medicine ball burpee.  Where you are holding a medicine ball with both hands and have to jump back into plank on just one leg, do a push up, then jump back up on that same leg and raise the medicine ball over your head.  It requires a ton of balance and core strength to pull that off with proper form.

What I really like about these workouts is that they challenge me in a new way.  Many of the moves will take time to master because I’m just not used to being on such an unstable platform while working out.  It forces me to contract my whole core during almost every move and I can already feel my core getting stronger.  I also like the synergistic nature of these workouts.  You’re not usually just focusing on one or two major muscle groups, you are working your lower body, your core, and your upper body in almost every workout.  The only exception would be Plyocide, which is similar to Plyo X, but again I think it challenges my core more.

The only negative thing I would have to say is that many of the moves can be hard on the wrists.  Having your hands on a medicine ball doing push-ups, especially if you have to go to just one hand, can tweak your wrists if they are not strong.  So if you have really bad wrists, you would definitely want to modify some of the moves to avoid the pain.  I broke one of my wrists a couple years ago and I do notice more soreness than I have with other workouts.

Other than the workouts being hard on the wrists, I really have no complaints about the P90X2, Phase 1 workouts.  To get the most out of this phase, form is key.  Maintaining good form during some of the moves can be very difficult, but that is what will yield results and really strengthen your core.  I’m looking forward to getting a lot better at many of the moves in the next 3 weeks!



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