My Full P90X2 Review – One Big Marketing Scam

When P90X2 first came out, I saw a lot of negative P90X2 reviews on some message boards I follow.  They would basically say “It’s just a marketing scam to make you buy a new product” or “It’s not as good as P90X” or “They just created new moves to make you buy more equipment from them“.  There was a lot of negativity.  But I found it odd because those people had not even gone through the whole program.  Most of them were 1 or 2 weeks in and already writing the whole program off which I personally think is stupid.  You have to at least give the entire program a shot, then you can write your review.  So now that I’ve completed the entire 90 days, I wanted to give you my full P90X2 review.

P90X2 Review – Equipment You Do and Don’t Need

This was a very hot topic when the program came out, so I didn’t want to leave it out of my P90X2 review.  It was something I was very curious about too before doing the workouts.  I knew some moves used things like medicine balls or a plyo box, but what all did I really need to get the most out of P90X2?  It’s true, you can absolutely do the whole program with just some resistance bands, but you won’t get the full effect of many moves.  So in my opinion, if you want to get the most out of the workout, you absolutely need:

-a stability ball
-at least 2 medicine balls (basketballs, soccer balls etc. can be used as well and ideally you would have 4)
-resistance bands

If you have the space and it’s in your budget, then this is the equipment list I would recommend you have:

-a stability ball
-4 medicine balls
-a foam roller
-dumbbells (I have PowerBlocks)
-a pull-up bar
-power stands
-resistance bands (for v-sculpt)
-plyo box (I used a foot stool)

So as you can see, the list of what you would ideally have is a bit longer than the bare minimum that I would suggest you have.  You will still get an awesome workout with the first list, but to really experience the benefit of the new moves, the second list would be best.  Again, didn’t want to leave this out of my P90X2 review so hopefully this helps you make your equipment decisions.

P90X2 Review – 3 Phases

No P90X2 review would be complete without discussing the individual phases.  Following the same lines as P90X, P90X2 is designed with a 3 phase approach.  Not that P90X doesn’t mix it up with their phases, but in my opinion, the workouts aren’t incredibly different between the different phases.  That’s where P90X2 sets itself apart in my opinion.  The 3 phases of P90X2 are the Foundation, Strength and Performance phases.

Foundation.  I did already write a review of the foundation phase workouts in my post P90X2 – Week 1.  I was just very excited about the new workouts so I decided to write something up at that point.  The idea here is that you need to build your foundation first so that you can perform better in the next phases.  So these workouts are focusing on your core strength and your balance.  Tony does a great job of putting you on unstable platforms to do the moves.  So you might have 1 or 2 hands on a medicine ball or might have both forearms on a stability ball.  This little bit of instability forces you to contract your core and work all the little stabilizer muscles.  Instead of just doing tricep kick-backs, you’re doing tricep kick-backs with one arm on your stability ball in a plank position!  So you get one heck of a core workout, which does help you prepare for what is to come.  So in my opinion, the Foundation phase did exactly what it was supposed to: strengthen your core and prepare you for the Strength and Performance phases.  People complained about these workouts “not being hard enough” and my guess is that they weren’t using proper form.  If you have poor form, sure they’re not that hard.  The hard part is being able to do these moves with proper form.

p90x2 reviewStrength.  This was by far my favorite phase.  I really enjoy the original P90X lifting routines and the Strength phase was similar, but added a new element: balance.  That’s why the Foundation phase was so important.  Having a strong foundation was essential to performing these moves well with proper form.  The first time through a routine could be somewhat frustrating because the new moves can be very difficult, but it provided a great challenge.  I think the two hardest moves in the whole program are in this round, being the impossible/possible push-ups and the lever pull-ups.  Both require a ton of core and upper body strength to complete.  I saw some great gains in this round and found the new twist on some old moves to be very fun and challenging.  I bought the deluxe package, so I also have the two bonus workouts, and the picture on the right is from V-Sculpt, which is one of my favorite workouts and really shows you how to get a good workout with bands.

Performance.  This phase was incredibly intense.  I’ve posted a few times already about the performance phase in my P.A.P. Upper Review, P.A.P. Lower Review and P3 in P90X2 articles.  As I’ve written before, this phase focuses on post activation potentiation and is all about athletic performance.  If you’re looking to make big gains in speed and explosiveness then you should absolutely do these workouts.  They’re not super long but they work you very hard.  It’s good that it’s a shorter phase, only 3 or 4 weeks, because I don’t think my body could take much more.  This is really where you can tell a ton of research and time went into designing the workouts.  In my opinion, the whole program is worth it just for this phase.

 P90X2 Review – Bottom Line

p90x2 reviewTo those who have read a P90X2 review from someone who hadn’t finished the program and was skeptical, I hope this has cleared some of that up for you.  The bottom line is that P90X2 works.  If you don’t believe it will, just check out my P90x2 results.  I’m absolutely in the best shape of my life because Tony and his team put together a world class workout program.  I’m still amazed at the type of results you can get from just working out in your living room.   To anyone who has done P90X and is looking for a new challenge or to the people who want to focus on athletic performance and functional fitness, this is the program for you!

I hope my P90X2 Review has been helpful for you.  If it’s peaked your interest and you want to take on this challenge then check out these three P90X2 package options 

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