P90X2 Pre-Order Details

Beachbody announced some more exciting info about P90X2, so I wanted to make sure all of you were in the loop!  They gave details about ordering, the new workouts, the new nutrition guide, etc.  I have to tell you I am extremely excited for P90X2 and can’t wait for it to get here!!  So here are some of the details.


First things first, you need the details on how you actually get the program.  Beachbody announced that from September 1 -5 you will be able to pre-order it exclusively through your Beachbody coach (me) and after that it will be open to everyone.  There are, however, a few perks to pre-ordering it that makes it totally worth it.

-Pre-orders will get free shipping
-Pre-orders through me will get two free one-on-one workouts, Upper Body Balance and 4 Legs (awesome!)
-If you pre-order you become eligible for weekly prizes, and the grand prize of Tony Horton himself personally delivering your copy of P90X2.  That would be so cool!!
-To ensure delivery by December 25 you must pre-order P90X2.  There is going to be huge demand for it, so personally I want to make sure I can start the new year right with P90X2!

So personally, I am going to be pre-ordering it without question.  I know there will be some competitions going on surrounding P90X2, so I would highly encourage you to pre-order it if you want to join in the fun!

Nutrition guide:

The new nutrition guide is going to be revamped and awesome.  This is going to be extremely thorough, and it will provide, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free options.  So really anybody will be able to use the nutrition guide.  I’m personally moving towards a vegan diet, so I am very excited about this!


– How To Bring It Again (Introductory Session)

– X2 Core

– Plyocide

– X2 Recovery + Mobility

– X2 Total Body

– X2 Yoga

– Balance + Power

– Chest & Back + Balance

– X2 Shoulders + Arms

– Base & Back

– PAP Upper

– PAP Lower

– X2 Ab Ripper

– V-Sculpt (X2 – Back & Biceps) – Only in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits

– X2 Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – Only in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits


1) Base Kit, will be $119.95 for DVD’s and $149.85 for Blu-Ray.  It will include the workouts, fitness and nutrition guides, and a workout calendar.

2) Deluxe Kit, will be $239.85 for DVD’s and $299.85 for Blu-Ray.  It will include the workouts, fitness and nutrition guides, the workout calendar, a stability ball, two 8 lb. medicine balls, a foam roller, and the V-Sculpt and Chest, Shoulders and Tri’s workouts.

3) Ultimate Kit, will be $299.85 for the DVD’s and $359.85 for Blu-Ray.  It will include everything in the Deluxe Kit, but the foam roller will be a premium foam roller, and it also comes with Tony Horton Power Stands.


As you can tell, the exercises will use more equipment.  I’ll be writing a post next week to detail what you will need, so stay tuned.  That being said, there are modifications for all the moves, so at the bare minimum, you would only need resistance bands just like for P90X.  So if you don’t have everything, no need to worry!

So there are some of the details!  Make sure to stay tuned here, because the pre-order date is only from September 1-5.  I’ll have details on here to order it, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be one of the first people to do P90X2!!


Can't wait for this!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

It's going to be awesome! We'll have to get a competition going and get people motiviated!


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