P90X2 Equipment

If you’ve been following the development of P90X2 or have any of the Tony Horton 1-on-1 workouts from Volume 3, you’ve probably noticed that there is going to be some extra equipment used in P90X2.  But if the extra equipment isn’t in your budget or you don’t have room for it, don’t worry.  The videos will show people doing modifications, so you can complete the program with only resistance bands, and household furniture (like a chair).  So if you only have resistance bands, you’ll be fine.

That being said, if it’s in your budget, there are some extra pieces of  equipment that will be utilized in the workouts.

1) Medicine balls.
These will be used to create instability, and not as much for the actual weight.  So if medicine balls aren’t in the budget, you could replace them with basketballs or soccer balls.

2) Stability ball.
Again, this is another tool used to create instability and to help you work on your balance and core.  When you’re on a stability ball you’re forced to use your stabilizer muscles, so that’s why this will be included in some of the workouts.

3) Weights/pull-up bar.
Personally I have Bowflex Selecttech 552’s, which are adjustable from 5-52.5 lbs.  I also have some resistance bands from Beachbody that I can use as well.  My pull-up bar is from Target and works alright, but I am considering upgrading to the Beachbody pull-up bar.  Really, if you’re doing the program, you do need some form of resistance, whether it’s dumbbells or bands.

4) Foam roller.
Foam rollers are used in stretching and could be replaced by anything of a similar shape.  I’ve personally never used a foam roller, so I’m very interested to see how it will work.  I plan on getting mine from Beachbody, which I’ll explain more in a bit.

There will also be some moves using plyo boxes, but a chair or a step will work just as well because you won’t be jumping up onto it, you’ll only be jumping/stepping off of it.

So there are a few things you can pick up, and the Deluxe and Ultimate kits of P90X2 will include some of the equipment in them.  You can find more details about the different packages here.  Personally, I plan on purchasing the deluxe kit because it comes with the foam roller, stability ball, two medicine balls, and two extra workouts (V-Sculpt and Chest, Shoulders and Tricpes).  Then I’ll just buy two more medicine balls of of Amazon, because I believe some exercises use 4.  I am extremely excited about this and can’t wait to be one of the very first people to order it on Thursday!!

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